20 Short Curly Hairstyles That Are Too Cute Not to Try

Ring in the new year with a fresh look.

Short Curly Hairstyles
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Curly hair is much easier to style if you cut it short, and there's plenty of inspiration coming from these celebrity looks that stun. Feeling extra bold going into the new year? Chop your hair and dye it one of the beautiful colors that everyone will be rocking in 2019.

Short Curly Hair — Selena Gomez
Axelle/Bauer-GriffinGetty Images
Selena Gomez's Soft Bob

If you want to tame your curls, blow dry them before pulling sections through a curling rod. Finish with shine mist and hairspray.

What you'll need: Blow dryer ($50, .com)

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Short Curly Hair — Julianne Hough
Jesse GrantGetty Images
Julianne Hough's Beach Waves

This beachy look is effortless to recreate: Just part your hair to the side, scrunch in some mousse, and let it all air dry.

What you'll need: Mousse ($24, .com)

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Short Curly Hair — Kerry Washington
Walter McBrideGetty Images
Kerry Washington's Full 'Fro

Be as bold as Kerry Washington with this voluminous look. Tease your hair upward using spray gel, then coax curls until they bounce. Finish with hairspray for extra hold.

What you'll need: Curling spray gel ($9, .com)

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Short Curly Hair — Ashley Benson
Jemal CountessGetty Images
Ashley Benson's Cute Curls

A deep part with one side tucked behind the ear is the perfect way to style soft curls. To get the look, use a thinner curling wand, then brush out with your fingers or a large round brush.

What you'll need: Large round brush ($14, .com)

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Jennifer Lopez — Short Curly Hair
Walter McBrideGetty Images
Jennifer Lopez's Hollywood Glam

Besides defying the aging process, Jennifer Lopez knows how to rock a short curly hairstyle. This Old Hollywood glam look can be recreated with a curling wand, bobby pins, and a dramatic side part.

What you'll need: Bobby pins ($6, .com)

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Short Curly Hair — Nathalie Emmanuel
Jean Baptiste LacroixGetty Images
Nathalie Emmanuel's Fun 'Do

Though full, Nathalie's curls are styled close to her face for more of an everyday look. Part your hair to the side and air dry, then finish with frizz spray and styling cream to keep locks in place.

What you'll need: Anti-frizz spray ($13, .com)

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Short Curly Hair — Kelly Ripa
Dominik BindlGetty Images
Kelly Ripa's Golden Locks

Kelly Ripa's golden curls haven't changed much over the years, but that's just proof she's found what works. The look is simple too: simply create a center part, and use a wand to form soft curls that turn away from the face. Spritz with hairspray for hold.

What you'll need: Hairspray ($8, .com)

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Short Curly Hair — Viola Davis
Getty Images
Viola Davis's Adorable Ringlets

Viola Davis' styled ringlets look grown-up thanks to her side-swept bangs and a deep side part.

What you'll need: Curling wand ($23, .com)

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Short Curly Hair — Taylor Swift
Getty Images
Taylor Swift's Dazzling Bob

Taylor's red carpet locks channel the starlets of Old Hollywood. To get the look, pin freshly-dried hair into rollers, apply hairspray, and let the curls set.

What you'll need: Self-grip hair rollers ($9, .com)

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Short Curly Hair — Scarlett Johansson
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Scarlett Johansson's Pinned Curls

Pull back your curls with bobby pins if you're looking to keep your hair off your face and enhance your features (not to mention give off a glam vibe).

What you'll need: Bobby pins ($6, .com)

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Short Curly Hair — Meg Ryan
Getty Images
Meg Ryan's Natural Waves

Meg Ryan's iconic beachy waves prove that some looks never go out of style. Recreate the look with mousse or sea salt spray and let air dry.

What you'll need: Mousse ($24, .com)

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Short Curly Hair — Michelle Dockery
Getty Images
Michelle Dockery's Textured Bob

Soft waves lend elegance to a classic bob, like this 'do Michelle Dockery so effortlessly rocks. Be sure to add anti-frizz spray to keep wispies under control.

What you'll need: Anti-frizz spray ($13, .com)

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Short Curly Hair — Tracee Ellis Ross
Getty Images
Tracee Ellis Ross's Voluminous Curls

Tracee's carefree ringlets always look polished and on-point. To mimic her style, let your natural curls air-dry, then add anti-frizz spray.

What you'll need: Anti-frizz spray ($13, .com)

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Short Curly Hair — Kaley Cuoco
Getty Images
Kaley Cuoco's Natural Ombre

Light and breezy waves are the name of the game when it comes to Kaley's lob. For this relaxed look, touch up your curls with a wand and add texture spray for a little oomph.

What you'll need: Texture spray ($16, .com)

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Short Curly Hair — Julie Bowen
Getty Images
Julie Bowen's Classy Ringlets

Low maintenance? Check. All kinds of gorgeous? Check. Add a pump of smoothing cream to just-dried hair, then part it to the side and run a wand through large sections. Finish with hairspray.

What you'll need: TIGI Bedhead After-Party creme ($19, .com)

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Short Curly Hair — Jennifer Lopez
Getty Images
Jennifer Lopez's Thick Curls

Thick, bouncy curls can be dressed down for the weekend or up for a special occasion. If it's the latter you're going for, wrap your hair inward around a wand to create a fuller look.

What you'll need: Curling wand ($23, .com)

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Short Curly Hair — Halle Berry
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Halle Berry's Easy Pixie

Even women with pixie cuts can achieve some wavy action. Style blow-dried hair with gel and pull upward to create this beautiful look in less than 10 minutes.

What you'll need: Styling gel ($10, .com)

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Short Curly Hair — Evan Rachel Wood
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Evan Rachel Wood's Chic Style

After parting your ringlets to one side, tuck the other side behind your ear for a sweet but edgy style.

What you'll need: Hair shine mist ($20, .com)

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Short Curly Hair — Taraji P. Henson
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Taraji P. Henson's Sleek Lob

This asymmetrical look proves a little curl can do wonders for your hair. Tell your hairdresser that you'd like a cut that's longer in the front to switch things up for the new year.

What you'll need: Hair shine mist ($20, .com)

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Short Curly Hair — Charlize Theron
Getty Images
Charlize Theron's Elegant Locks

Charlize Theron's short locks make us want to chop off our hair ASAP. A center part with curls pulled away from the face perfect this look.

What you'll need: Hairspray ($8, .com)

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