13 Fun Easter Egg Hunt Ideas We Bet You Haven't Tried Before

These creative Easter egg hunts are sure to make your family's annual tradition even more egg-citing.

easter egg hunt ideas
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So, you're all done decorating Easter eggs and shopping for Easter candy. Now it's time for the really fun part: Planning the Easter egg hunt! Make the traditional Easter game even more exciting this year with these creative and unique Easter egg hunt ideas. Turn the Easter activity into a counting game for preschoolers, or make it more challenging with an Easter egg hunt checklist. Not up for hosting? Check out this list of events across the country to find an . Ready, set, hunt!

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easter egg hunt kids table
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Kids Table Easter Egg Hunt

If you're hosting Easter brunch or dinner, why not have a mini Easter egg hunt right there at the kids table? designed this interactive Easter table centerpiece using flats of wheatgrass and flowers "planted" in vials of water. Hide eggs among the blooms, and let the kids go to work!

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easter egg hunt kids
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Backwards Easter Egg Hunt Idea

Let the kids play Easter Bunny and hide the eggs for the parents. Only instead of candy, the eggs are filled with special coupons (to skip a chore or choose a special meal or the film for family movie night). The adults have to grant whatever wishes they don't find.

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color coordinated easter egg hunt
Sew Many Ways
Color-Coordinated Easter Egg Hunt

Avoid fights over Easter eggs by assigning each kid a color to collect.

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balloon egg hunt
Courtesy of Celebrations at Home
Balloon Egg Hunt Idea

Balloons attached to plastic eggs are a whimsical addition to an Easter egg hunt. Plus, the markers make the eggs easier for the little ones to find.

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easter bunny footprints
Courtesy of The Larson Lingo
Easter Egg Hunt Bunny Footprints

Tell youngsters to follow the bunny tracks to the Easter egg hunting area.

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golden egg
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Golden Egg Idea

Kiddos will be extra motivated to get in on the family fun with this game: Find a giant plastic golden egg and fill it with cash, candy, and other goodies for a special treat.

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easter counting game
Courtesy of Coffee Cups and Crayons
Egg Counting Game

Your preschoolers will be able to practice their counting skills with this simple Easter learning exercise.

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easter egg hunt checklist
Courtesy of A Mom's Take
Easter Egg Hunt Checklist

Take Easter egg hunts up a notch! While they search, kids can cross items off this checklist.

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exercise eggs
Courtesy of No Time For Flash Cards
Exercise Eggs

Jump! Dance! Run! Add more movement to the hunt by attaching sporty challenges to each egg.

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lego easter egg hunt
Courtesy of Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls
LEGO Easter Egg Hunt

LEGO fans will love this Easter egg hunt idea that involves putting together a set.

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Watercolor Crayon Activity

While this activity might not be the most traditional Easter egg hunt idea, it's a great indoor option, as well as a way for toddlers to learn their colors.

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glow in the dark easter eggs
Courtesy of Lil' Luna
Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt

Make hunting for eggs a little harder for older kids by hosting the activity at night with glow-in-the-dark eggs.

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easter bunny clue hunt
Courtesy of One Time Through
Easter Bunny Clue Hunt

Print these clues to give your Easter egg hunt a twist—the kids have to figure out the clues before finding the eggs.

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