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76th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals
40 Halle Berry-Approved Health Tips You Should Totally Steal

"Sometimes you just have to eat what you want."

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health tips after 40
39 Habits To Start Now That Will Keep Your Health Strong After 40

You're gonna want to reschedule that annual you canceled last week.

burn body fat - expert advise
The Best Ways to Burn Body Fat Fast, According to Weight Loss Doctors

With a few changes to your routine, you can lose 1 to 2% of your body fat in a few weeks.

I Wear My Open Heart Surgery Scar Like a Piece of “New Jewelry”

Now I wear the long scar on my chest like a badge of honor.

This Man’s Strange “Bug Bite” Turned Out to Be a Sign of Leukemia

He was stunned—and taken to chemotherapy treatment immediately.

three women weight loss
3 Women Share Exactly How They Lost Up to 23 Pounds in 8 Weeks

"I stayed patient, and those pounds did come off."

Dr. Oz Writes Heartbreaking Post That He Missed Signs of His Mother's Alzheimer's Diagnosis
Dr. Oz Says He Missed the Signs of His Mother's Alzheimer's Diagnosis

"The biggest lies are the ones we tell ourselves."

Midsection of businesswoman with sweaty armpits holding fan against green background
6 Surprising Things You Didn't Know About Menopause

For starters, you’ve got more control over the symptoms than you might think.

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im an adult and im scared of the dark
'I’m 26 Years Old And Still Scared Of The Dark'

Anyone feel me?!

40 Jessica Alba-Approved Health Habits You Should Totally Steal

Yes, she still eats nachos.

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How to Overcome Laziness and Be Your Most Productive Self

The motivation you need is here.

Meet the Women of the 2019 Live Longer & Stronger Challenge
This year’s class of Live Longer and Stronger challengers are hard at work with Woman’s Day contributing editor, Joy Bauer, RD, to lose…
swollen tongue
Your Swollen Tongue Could Be Signaling a Major Health Problem

An unusually puffy tongue should be checked out ASAP, doctors say.

The MyFitnessPal Meal-Planning App Helped Me Lose Over 100 Pounds
'I Lost Over 100 Pounds In Two Years Once I Started Using A Meal-Planning App'

"I created a bulletin board where I kept weekly meal and workout calendars."

Can Vitamins Help With Anxiety? Experts Weigh In

Supplements could be a helpful complement to traditional anxiety treatments.

Getting fit by lifting
Why Lifting Weights Is Better Than Cardio for Weight Loss After 60

The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you'll burn.

Weight Watchers And A Jillian Michaels DVD Helped Me Lose 68 Lbs.
'WW And A Jillian Michaels Workout DVD Helped Me Fit Into My Pre-Pregnancy Clothes'

"I was never able to successfully maintain my weight loss — until now."

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