25 Rad '80s Costumes That Will Win Halloween This Year

Cue the nostalgia.

Amazing 80s Costumes - shining twins, marty mcfly
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Chances are if your teenage years coincided with the 1980s, you probably consider it your favorite decade — and with good reason! From brightly colored spandex workout attire and permed hair to synthesized beats and leg warmers, the '80s were jam-packed with over-the-top fun styles. What better place to get inspiration for your next Halloween getup than this kitschy period of time where a typical Saturday night outfit could now qualify as a costume? Whether you want to dress as your favorite pop star, pay homage to those classic movies you watched on repeat, or are looking for an excuse to dig up your old neon-colored track suit, these awesome '80s costumes will bring up memories of the good old days — and also remind you why you stopped teasing your hair decades ago. Fair warning: be prepared to show photo evidence when your kids don't believe that this was how you actually dressed when you were their age.

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Some would say that Madonna was Queen of the '80s — and who doesn't want to dress like royalty? Bonus points if you can talk in snippets of song lyrics the whole night! 

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Marty McFly
Fun Costumes .com

To complete your Back to the Future look, all you need is a friend to dress as Doc and a DeLorean. Should be easy, right? 

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Freddie Mercury
Smiffy's .com

Are you ready, Freddie? There's no better way to pay homage to the frontman of Queen this Halloween than by donning one of his classic, zany getups. 

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Indiana Jones
Rubie's .com

All you'll need to complete this look is a paralyzing fear of snakes.

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Chances are you owned Devo's hit song Whip It on vinyl and listened to it nonstop back in the '80s — so why not slip on a red plastic hat and crack that whip this Halloween?

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Ted from 'Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure'
Fun Costumes .com

The only thing that would make this costume more radical would be if your best friend dressed as the Bill to your Ted.

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Jane Fonda
Smiffys .com

If you were alive during the '80s, chances are you've done a Jane Fonda workout video. Wear neon spandex and tease your hair to honor the Workout Queen this holiday.

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You'll have your Halloween party guests collectively singing "Purple Rain" all night long when you wear this Prince getup.

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Eleven From 'Stranger Things'
Costume Culture .com

Bonus points if you can convince four more pals to dress up as Stranger Things' Dustin, Mike, Will, and Lucas. 

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Joyce Byers
Rubie's .com

If you'd go to the Upside Down and back for your kids, dressing up as the fearless Joyce Byers from Stranger Things-inspired might be the best costume for you.

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Princess Buttercup From 'Princess Bride'
Fun Costumes .com

Want to be Princess Buttercup from Princess Bride for Halloween? As you wish.

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Dread Pirate Roberts From 'Princess Bride'
Fun Costumes .com

If you're planning a Princess Bride couple's costume, your fella should channel the flick's hero, Westley. Ironically, Westley was also in costume — as Dread Pirate Roberts — for a good chunk of the movie.

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Cybord From 'The Terminator'
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There's a good chance that The Terminator was his favorite film of the '80s, which means that the cyborg will be his favorite Halloween costume of the 2010s.

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You know the rules: Avoid bright lights, water, and Halloween candy after midnight to prevent that unfortunate transition from mogwai to gremlin.

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Courtesy of Rubie's
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This realistic suit comes with an inflatable backpack, so you'll have everything you need to catch your Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

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'The Shining' Twins
Forum Novelties .com
$24.45 (24% off)

While a vintage-inspired blue frock will certainly nail the Grady twins' signature aesthetic, gaunt eye makeup really seals the "undead" deal.

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Rubie's .com

Here's a costume that checks two Halloween costume boxes: '80s-inspired and downright spooky.

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Baby from 'Dirty Dancing'
Fancy Me .com

Wearing Baby's last-dance dress basically mandates that you recreate Dirty Dancing's movie poster for Instagram. You've also gotta attempt that lift. Just sayin'.

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Rasta Imposta target.com

If you really want to make people laugh, enlist three friends to dress up as a vinyl, a CD-ROM, and an iPod to show a decade-by-decade progression of music.

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Ariel From 'The Little Mermaid'
Leg Avenue target.com

Believe it or not, Disney's The Little Mermaid first hit theaters in '89. Feel old yet?

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Track Suit
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If you came of age in the '80s, chances are you already have one of these (and a slew of matching scrunchies) hanging in your closet. But buy this if you donated your trusty track suit years ago.

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Maverick From 'Top Gun'
Leg Avenue .com
$57.99 (39% off)

Take this Halloween to new heights (literally) by reprising Maverick's in-flight ensemble. Motorcycle and aviator sunglasses not included, unfortunately.

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Bob Ross Painting
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In this tank dress, you'll be Bob Ross art imitating life. Talk about the most '80s Halloween costume ever.

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Sandy from 'Grease'
Fun Costumes .com

Grease lightning! Everyone's seen this classic film, so you'll be a fan favorite when you show up to your party in Sandy's iconic all-black ensemble and red lipstick.

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Courtesy of HalloweenCostumes.com
Danny from 'Grease'

Dressing up like Grease's resident stud, Danny, in his gym gear not only reference's the era's go-to teenage heartthrob, but also points out how far athleisure has come.

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