18 Boys Halloween Costumes He Hasn't Already Seen His Friends Wear

Nobody wants to be a ghost (or goblin) three years in a row.


Your son's Halloween costume doesn't have to revolve around the sugar-sweet Prince Charming or being a terrifying ghoul. Whether you're shopping online or creating his ensemble from scratch, help him find a Fright Night getup that's as unique as his personality by highlighting his favorite movies, hobbies, or emojis.

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obi wan kenobi jedi boys halloween costume
Courtesy of Delia Creates
Obi Wan Kenobi

You won't need to use the force to put his favorite Jedi's signature brown robe together. If you can't find a cheap lightsaber at the store, a pool noodle works just as well.

Get the tutorial at .

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sherlock holmes boys halloween costume
Amazon Prime
Sherlock Holmes


If he called you out for sneaking just one piece of his Halloween candy stash last year, this detective costume will be right up his alley.

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jack sparrow boys halloween costume
Amazon Prime
Captain Jack Sparrow


Just get him to promise that he won't replace "Trick-or-treat!" with, "But why is all the rum gone?"

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peter pan boys halloween costume
Courtesy of Say Yes
Peter Pan

You don't ever want him to grow up, and in this classic Disney costume, he won't — for one night, at least.

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doctor boys halloween costume
Amazon Prime


This costume comes with plenty of go-to doctor tools — including a mask, stethoscope, reflex hammer, ear scope and syringe — so he can try his potential future vocation on for size.

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emoji boys halloween costume
Amazon Prime
Laughing Emoji


Fair warning: He's going to ask if he can be the poop emoji next year 😂.

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carl from up boys halloween costume
Courtesy of Camille Styles
Carl from "Up"

From the makeshift spectacles to the tennis ball walker, there's nothing about this old-man-turned-baby costume that won't warm everyone's hearts.

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harry potter gryffindor boys halloween costume
Amazon Prime
Gryffindor Costume


This one's perfect for the bloke who says the Sorting Hat would place him in Potter's own Hogwarts house. If he's more of a Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin, there are boys (and baby!) Halloween costumes for those too.

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Rubies Teen Titans Go Cyborg Costume
$15.92 (15% off)

Your tween will "be back" asking to wear this cyborg look time and again. All the more reason to master those face paint skills, right

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pac-man boys halloween costume
Courtesy of The Effortless Chic via Emily Morgan

The actual Pac-Man is cute, yes, but it's the pixelated fruit prop crafts that really sell this idea.

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robot boys halloween costume
Amazon Prime


On the other hand, here's a robot costume that doesn't insinuate destruction of everything in sight.

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colonial man boys halloween costume
Amazon Prime
Colonial Man


If he's a history lover, throw it back to 1776 with this colonial times-inspired costume.

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mummy boys halloween costume
Courtesy of Tell Love and Party

You're just a few torn white dish rags away from this spooky getup.

Get the tutorial at .

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knight boys halloween costume
Amazon Prime


Thanks to its dragon crest, this boys Halloween costume looks like something straight out of Game of Thrones.

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top gun boys halloween costume
Amazon Prime
Top Gun


If you're going to send him trick-or-treating as Maverick, be prepared for his brother to dress up as Goose.

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oKidz on Etsy


Giving him eight legs when he's not yet comfortable walking on two may not sound like the smartest decision, but come on: You can't deny the cute factor.

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Rubie's Costume Co
Super Mario Brothers

Let him dress up as his favorite video game character for a Halloween he'll never forget.

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$34.99 (30% off)

Any costume that channels Ryan Reynolds as a superhero gets an A+ in adults' books. This version will win over your kid's heart once he gets his hands on the  he uses. 

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