25 Scary Halloween Costumes That Will Creep Everyone Out

Go big or go home, right?

scary halloween costumes
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For some people, Halloween is all about cute couples costumes or group getups your girlfriends. But for others (like you!), it's all about disturbing as many people as possible. After all, 'tis the season, and these ensembles do not disappoint.

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scary halloween costumes gothic red wedding
Red Gothic Wedding Dress Costume


Who says brides always wear white? If you want to shock your husband (and everyone else) this year, wear this undead wedding getup.

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scary halloween costumes Countess American Horror Story
Countess From 'American Horror Story'


Channel your inner Lady Gaga and her mesmerizing role as Countess Elizabeth Johnson for a frightening pop culture costume. That's what we call a win-win.

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scary halloween costumes zombie nurse
Zombie Nurse Costume


Sure, most nurses aim to keep their patients alive, but when you dress up as a zombie version, there's no telling what might happen.

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scary halloween costumes mortuary mama
Women's Mortuary Mama Costume


The details on this costume are stunning, but it's your elaborate backstory that'll sell it: tell friends you're a lonely woman who roams graveyards in hopes of finding your one true love.

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scary halloween costumes sadistic clown
Women's Sadistic Clown Costume


To some, clowns are scary in their own right. But add a painted-on sneer and a knife to take it up a notch.

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scary halloween costumes Axe Murderess Costume
Axe Murderess Costume


Pricy? Yes. But if you ask us, this might be the most realistic and scary costume you can buy. The blood splatters on the corset really sell it.

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scary halloween costumes vampire
Delightfully Dreadful Vampiress Costume

$55 and up

If Halloween night is chilly this year, you'll be thrilled to wear the blood-red jacket in this eerie ensemble. Don't forget some !

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beetlejuice mens scary halloween costume
Courtesy of Spirit Halloween
Beetlejuice Costume


Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! Channel the antagonist of this popular Halloween movie through his signature suit. Whatever you do, don't forget the crazy white wig.

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ghost flapper womens halloween costume
Amazon Prime
Ghost Flapper Costume


The only thing scarier than Prohibition? A ghost flapper — especially one who's determined to haunt today's modern speakeasies.

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killer clown halloween costume
Amazon Prime
Killer Clown Costume


The fact that this black-and-white ensemble isn't that different from a clown's day-to-day look is a testament to their year-round creep factor. And, you know, the fact that there's about them.

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scarecrow mens halloween costume
Amazon Prime
Ghoulish Scarecrow Costume


The Wizard of Oz takes a terrifying twist with this ghoulish scarecrow suit. When people ask why you're missing a brain, tell them it's because they all taste so darn good.

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miss edward scissorhands womens halloween costume
Amazon Prime
Miss Edward Scissorhands Costume


Men aren't the only ones free to dress up as their favorite Johnny Depp character. Ladies can get in on the Edward Scissorhands fun too.

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Rubie's Costume Co
Wednesday Addams Costume

$18 and up

You're just two ponytails, a black collared dress, and some inky lipstick away from transforming into Gomez and Morticia Addams' only daughter.

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werewolf halloween costume
Amazon Prime
Werewolf Costume


Full moon or not, be werewolf ready with this mask-and-glove kit that's scarier than your average Twilight werewolf.

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prom nightmare halloween costume
Amazon Prime
Carrie Costume


The only downside of this Carrie-inspired get-up? Telekinesis powers aren't included.

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headless man halloween costume
Amazon Prime
Headless Man Costume


This scary Halloween costume pulls off quite the optical illusion because, yep, that's your own "severed" head cradled in your hands.

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mother superior nun halloween costume
Amazon Prime
Undead Mother Superior Costume


An all-white ensemble gets an extra creepy touch with the perfect amount of bloody eye makeup.

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cleaver halloween costume
Amazon Prime
Zombie Butcher Costume


DIY the butcher costume (all you need is a blood-spattered apron), add a sharp-edged headpiece, and slap on some zombie makeup. Hello, terrifying meat man.

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zombie bride halloween costume
Amazon Prime
Zombie Bride Costume


A ripped wedding dress, dead flowers, and a haphazard veil are all you need to transform into an undead bride. Bonus if you turn your hair a fun color.

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Rubie's Costume Co
The Joker Costume

$10 and up

While the Suicide Squad-era Joker is infinitely less creepy than the villain we meet in The Dark Knight, he's still scary enough to hold his own — especially with that green hair.

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prom nightmare halloween costume
Amazon Prime
White Witch Costume


Who says scary Halloween costumes have to look gory? This witch costume feels as ethereal as it is occult-inspired.

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freddy krueger halloween costume
Courtesy of Spirit Halloween
Freddy Krueger Costume


You'll turn your own block into The Nightmare on Elm Street in this dream-killer's signature striped sweater, brown fedora, and creepy hand.

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zombie mens halloween costume
Amazon Prime
Zombie Costume


Say hello to your zombie husband! Ask your beau to dress up in this scary ensemble and you'll make quite the unlively pair.

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the exorcist halloween costume
Amazon Prime
The Exorcist Costume


There are few horror film characters as bloodcurdling as Regan MacNeil, which makes her the perfect pick for a scary Halloween costume.

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monster halloween costume
Amazon Prime
Mr. Monster Costume


This monster costume's gap-mouthed mask and roving arms will make you a shoe-in for scariest garb of the night.

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