Meghan Markle Wore an $8 Drugstore Nail Polish on Her Wedding Day

It's a color you might already own and LOVE.

meghan markle manicure
Getty Images

Let's all just take a deep breath, shall we? The week leading up to the royal wedding has been filled with drama of the TMZ variety.

But now that , indicating that his absence is due to health reasons, it's time to turn our attention to happier , like discussing the bride's manicure.

Essie Ballet Slippers, $7.69
It seems the bride chose Essie's cult-favored "Ballet Slippers" for the big day, and we can't say we're surprised — her new relatives, the Duchess of Cambridge and Queen Elizabeth II Essie's nude-y pink shades, with Her Majesty preferring (the shade Meghan chose to wear) and

The shade is currently available in drugstores and on .

Her nails looked quite similar to the way they did for her engagement announcement and : short, rounded, pearly pink, and well-maintained.

Here's a close-up shot of the clean, minimalist manicure.

Getty Images
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