People Have Some Pretty Intense Feelings About Nicole Kidman's Critics' Choice Dress

It's a whole lotta gown.

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If there's ever been an ideal place to wear some of the eccentric gowns created by high-end designers, Hollywood award shows are surely it. And that's exactly what Nicole Kidman did at the 2018 Critics' Choice Awards last night, showing her flair for the occasional unconventional dress by wearing a dramatic, quirky Valentino design.

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And from the reaction on Twitter you'd think she committed the crime of the century.

why does nicole kidman always dress like she’s about to appear in some retro-futuristic reboot of “little house on the prairie”?


— rockle (@rockle) January 12, 2018

Nicole Kidman’s dress looks like it came from a homeschool production of Wicked #CriticsChoice

— Aari Kabari (@aarikabari) January 12, 2018

I thought Nicole Kidman’s choice of dress couldn’t get more tacky than at the TIFF, but I think I was wrong

— Jam (@xtinasarrival) January 12, 2018

I love and adore and respect the hell out of Nicole Kidman, so I want to have a word with the person who put her in this dress. 😐

— Tomris Laffly (@TomiLaffly) January 12, 2018

Did no one tell these folks that the critics of the Critics' Choice Awards don't refer to them? Sheesh!

With its sheer hot pink fabric, silvery crystal dots, ample ruffles, and lace trim, the dress is certainly not something everyone would choose for themselves. But we happen to think she looked amazing in the unforgettable gown — and so did a few others.

Normally I don’t like pink but I love Nicole Kidman’s fuschia, sparkly dress! #CriticsChoiceAwards

— Justina M. Ashley (@wierdalexj) January 12, 2018

Nicole Kidman and this dress 😍😍😍😍😍😍

— Casey Joshi (@CaseyHJoshi) January 12, 2018

nicole kidman's dress looks like one my barbie's had. i love it.

— Skye (@wildflowerskye) January 12, 2018

Ultimately, we have a feeling Nicole doesn't care one way or another about what people think of her dress, considering she picked up a Critics' Choice Award — her umpteenth award for her role in Big Little Lies — last night. And it just so happens to match those crystal dots perfectly.

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