33 Father's Day Gifts That Your Father-in-Law Will Seriously Love

Your spouse's dad can thank us later.

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Let's be honest: some Father's Day gifts are seriously impractical, especially when it comes to that tricky gift for your father-in-law. Sure, that "World's Best Father-In-Law" T-shirt may be cute, but why not get one of the most important men in your life something he'll use every day (and not just wear when you come over the house)?

As tempting as it may be to get your spouse's dad something that's either wholly generic or downright cheesy, we've rounded up some gifts that any father-in-law will love and — better yet — actually use. From useful tools to fun toys he'll thank you for, these versatile gifts are great even for the father-in-law who has everything. Trust us when we say that putting a little extra thought into your father-in-law's gift will go a long way. Guess who's about to become the favorite child-in-law?

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Temperature Control Ceramic Mug
Ember .com

This high-tech mug syncs with his smartphone for a perfect, temperature-controlled cup of tea or joe.

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SoundSport In-Ear Headphones
Bose walmart.com

Your father-in-law deserves these incredible in-ear headphones that deliver ultra clear sound and are sweat- and weather-resistant, so he can take them with him wherever he goes. 

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Digital Tape Measure
eTape16 .com

Every handyman needs one of these super cool digital tape measures that basically does the work for him. 

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Rechargeable Head Light
BioLite .com

Please any outdoorsy father-in-law by gifting him this sleek, rechargeable headlamp that's perfect for hiking, camping, and more. 

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Shiitake Mushroom Log Kit

Got a foodie father-in-law on your hands? Give him this grown-your-own mushrooms log. In a few simple steps, he'll have fresh, smokey shiitakes at the ready. 

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Portable Charger
Jackery .com

Everyone could use a lightweight, portable charger and this one is compatible with both iPhone and Android models. No more unanswered phone called because someone forgot to charge their cell.  

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Key and Phone Finder
Tile .com
$37.90 (37% off)

Forgetful father-in-laws will appreciate these smart tracker tiles that are bluetooth enabled, so you can always find where you put your things.

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Mini Portable Fridge
Chefman .com

Measuring 10 inches tall, nine-and-a-half inches deep, and seven inches wide, this small but mighty mini fridge has enough space for a man on the go to lug around as many as six 12-ounce cans. 

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20-piece Stainless Steel BBQ Grill Tool Set
Romanticist .com

A spatula, fork, tongs, basting brush, grill brush, salt and pepper shaker, eight corn holders, and four skewers for under $25? Sign us up. 

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Grilling Spice Gift Set
FreshJax .com

For the man who loves a good seasoning, this spice set will take his grill game to a whole new level. 

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Car Vacuum
ThisWorx for .com

A vacuum may seem like an odd Father's Day gift, but the tidy father-in-law will fall in love with this super convenient mini vacuum.

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Insulated Mug
YETI .com

Whether your father-in-law is a tea drinker or a coffee addict, this insulated mug will keep any steamy beverage just as hot as when he poured it. Bonus: the YETI Rambler can handle cold drinks, too!

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Whiskey Stones and Whiskey Glass Boxed Set
Cool Stones .com
$34.99 (30% off)

This whiskey set — which comes with two glasses, eight granite chilling rocks, two coasters, and tongs — is perfect for the whiskey connoisseur. 

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Wooden Docking Station
Rostmary Gift Shop .com

This wooden docking station has a spot for everything, and your father-in-law's desk will be seriously grateful.

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Closet Drawer Organizer
GOBAM .com

Bring some Marie Kondo magic into your father-in-law's life with this compact tie organizer, which will fit easily into any size drawer. 

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Engraved Pocket Knife
Palmetto Wood Shop .com

Bring your father-in-law back to his cub scout days with this handy (and customizable) pocket knife.

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Neck Massage Pillow

You might not consider yourself a pain in the neck, but your father-in-law might need some relief regardless, and this neck massage pillow is just the thing to do it. 

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Beeropoly Drinking Game
HomeWetBar .com

This isn't your typical board game, and we guarantee that Beeropoly will make everyone actually look forward to family game night.

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Breakfast Sandwich Maker
Hamilton Beach .com
$22.95 (23% off)

Breakfast has never been easier with this nifty breakfast sandwich maker, which makes the perfect egg sandwich in only five minutes.

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Acupressure Foot Massage Slippers

Give your father-in-law the gift of a 15-minute foot massage every day with these slippers, which are designed to encourage blood flow and relieve foot and heel tension.

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Car Trunk Organizer
Starling's .com
$39.97 (50% off)

With this sturdy organizer, your father-in-law can say goodbye to the disaster that has taken over the trunk of his car.

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BBQ Smoker Wood Chip Grill Set
Cooking Gift Set .com

With a premium stainless steel smoker box, specialty BBQ thermometer, and three flavors of smoking wood chips, this kit has everything your father-in-law needs to win rave reviews at his next barbecue.

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Golf Chipping Net
Spornia .com

Does your father-in-law need some work on his short game? This pop-up net feature three targets to help him improve his accuracy (and also doubles as the perfect net for a game of cornhole). 

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Hot Sauce Gift Set
Zombie Cajun .com
$28.98 (17% off)

Forget Sriracha — spice-loving father-in-laws will flip for this hot sauce gift set, which includes four flavorful bottles of slow-simmered Creole-style hot sauces.

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Hanging Toiletry Bag
Vetelli .com
$44.95 (40% off)

Traveling father-in-laws will be wondering how they survived this long without this super convenient (and super stylish) leather hanging toiletry bag.

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Bluetooth Shower Speaker
ifoxcreations .com
$29.99 (45% off)

Though he may not hit all the right notes, all shower singers will rejoice for this waterproof Bluetooth speaker, which suctions right to the wall of your shower. 

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Airplane Footrest
Sleepy Ride .com
$19.97 (33% off)

Your father-in-law deserves to put his feet up, and this ingenious little airplane ankle hammock will let him do just that, whether he's riding in first-class or stuck in economy. 

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Beer Chiller Sticks for Bottles

Ice-cold beer all the time? We don't think your father-in-law will say no to that. 

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Memory Foam Slippers
RockDove .com

These slippers are like little mattresses for your feet, and once you buy a pair for your father-in-law, you'll probably also want to get a matching pair for yourself.

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Polarized Sunglasses
$19.96 (69% off)

Whether he driving, running, golfing, fishing, or biking, these anti-glare, UV-blocking shades will make your father-in-law look as cool as he feels.

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