20 Parenting Fails That Are Always Funny

Because we are all that mom or dad sometimes.

parenting fails
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Despite the best of intentions, all parents fail sometimes. Kids get squirmy. Disasters occur. Parents forget stuff. Because nobody's perfect, we've rounded up some of our favorite parenting moments.

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When family photos go wrong

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A harmless swinging session during this family's Christmas — but fortunately, the baby wasn't hurt!

When appendages are confusing

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Listen, baby gets their hands and feet backwards, too.

When it's time to put the phone down

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This kindergartener nailed what mom does best.

When he wriggles into the wrong leg

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Hey, sometimes putting on pants is even hard for grownups.

When you "share" your spray tan

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At least it wasn't a real sunburn?

When you take a photo instead of saving the baby

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Catch 22: Save the baby ... or capture the hilarity for posterity.

When the tooth fairy forgets to come

At least Mom the tooth fairy gets a second chance to deliver.

When baby backs under the couch

How does this even happen??

When you throw without warning

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Sheer. Terror.

When you're sick and fall asleep while crafting

Good thing she went with watercolors!

When you're having more fun than your kids

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And you just don't care. At all.

When baby dives headfirst into the sand

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Well, at least it's not in his eyes.

When you just can't stay awake

Mom got to shower, though, so this whole thing is actually a parenting win.

When you receive hate mail at dinner

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The hand-drawn emoji is the best part.

When baby goes BOOM

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She stood up afterward and said, "Fun dad! Again!"

When you move the sleeping baby

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He goes: "Look, honey! I got him!" She thinks: "When I said 'Show me the babies,' I meant move the camera!" Oops.

When Dad doesn't know overalls need a shirt
Jeremy Basso Ellen DeGeneres dad fail
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This about daycare attire went viral because Jeremy Basso is all of us.

When the toddler discovers flour power

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At that point, just throw away the couch.

When Dad puts on her swimsuit

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... it becomes a different kind of swimsuit. We can't even tell if this was backwards or the straps were just crossed wrong. (We're guessing her dad can't tell, either.)

When you're cheering for a kid who's terrified

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