17 Hilarious Parenting Fails

We dare you not to laugh at these too-funny gaffes.


If we're being honest, parenting is tough—and no one gets it completely perfect 100 percent of the time. The upside—besides having that adorable ball of love in your life, of course—is the inevitable laughs you're bound to have along the way. Get your funny bone ready for these hysterical parenting fails.

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Basketball Dreams

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The good news is that he scored! The bad news is that they may need to invest in an inflatable basketball hoop.

Nasty Note

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Tell us how you really feel, kiddo. This little one was not happy with her parents, and decided to let them know that it would be a very long time until they were forgiven.

Paint Problems

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Rule of thumb: Buckets of paint and toddlers belong several, several feet away from each other. If not, this may happen.

'You Must Apologize'

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Sorry, Mom, but it looks like your little one did not appreciate your tone.

Snakes in the House

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This is what happens when the friendship between kids and pets gets a little too close for comfort.

Scary Treats

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These cute treats may be -worthy, but this child was definitely not a fan—the spider sandwiches reminded the little one so much of the real thing she couldn't even eat them.

Hide and Seek

Even tots need refreshers on the rules of hide and seek.

DIY Craft Gone Wrong

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It's all fun and games until you have to get a Pinterest craft out of your kid's hair.

Snack Time

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Who knew berries could replace body paint?

Parenting Prank

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Note to parents, kids DO NOT like it when you scare them.

Makeup Madness

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It may be time to find another place to store your makeup, Mom.

On a Roll

We're pretty sure that all toddlers see toilet paper as a never-ending toy.

That Time of Month

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Smartphones should have some sort of toddler sensor, right?

Pint-Sized Picasso

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While we're sure that carpet-cleaning bill won't be pretty, this 3-year-old created a pretty lovely seashell!

This Little Piggy..

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Everyone likes whipped cream, right?

At Home at Ikea

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On the bright side, at least he found the toilet.

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