Adults Reveal the Meanest Things Kids Have Ever Said

"When my daughter was 4, she looked at my wedding ring and said, 'that's a pretty ring. When you die I can have it.'"

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Kids are an open book — they sometimes (okay, always) have no filter. We love them, we really do, but when they're candid, there's no telling what they'll say. Though they can be pretty cruel, they've still mastered every trick to melt our anger away (you know, like that cheeky grin they've used a thousand times over?).

One Twitter user named Resha, a private chef and blogger, asked her followers to share the meanest thing their child has said to them or to others, and she got over 1.5K responses.

what's the rudest thing your child has ever said to you or someone else?

— Resha (@ChefResha) July 30, 2017

Here are the worst (and admittedly funniest) ones that speak the truth about what kids are really like.

They're brutally honest.

My child told a woman she had a butt like Barney. I almost left town

— ❄Mikki Kendall❄ (@Karnythia) July 30, 2017

They think it's all about them ALL the time.

my mom said that when I was 6, she was crying in her bedroom & I turned & said "could you keep it down? I'm trying to watch this show!"

— em (@emloositch) July 30, 2017

They point out the obvious. Mostly when we don't want them to.

Me: *wears shorts to nieces bday party*
Lil boo: Mama you got dips on your legs (cellulite). It's a lot of em.

— The Long Shot (@disorderedstar) July 30, 2017

They can be shamelessly funny.

I wore this vest.. my son said, " Ma why you got that on, u look like a chicken."

— Steel Magnolia💕 (@Itskashaj) July 30, 2017

They're smart alecks. (Oh, no! Not in Target!)

In Target, I mentioned how I really liked & wanted a certain TV. My son goes, "It doesn't matter. You're broke," in front of 10 other ppl.

— Young Skin Gawd (@youngskingawd) July 30, 2017

They somehow mock you all.the.time.

My 2 year old's favorite phrase :(

— Ash (an female) ⚪️ (@adult_mom) July 30, 2017

They like to give you fashion advice.

"I mean, YOU are cute, but are you wearing that....outside?" ... I haven't purchased a romper since.

— and still I sigh. (@seattlejawn) July 30, 2017

And relationship advice (even though they're supposed to believe in cooties).

My niece asked why I still lived with my parents and said "shouldn't you be married by now...or at least have a boyfriend?" 🙂

— lonely girl xoxo 💕 (@DoThe_Creep) July 30, 2017

They think they own the house.

I should note, IN FRONT of the guests 🙄

— Blair (@blairbraney) July 30, 2017

They have high expectations.

At his birthday party, while opening gifts. "This is not what I asked for"

— OMyItsHoney♋️🍯 (@1_Honey) July 30, 2017

They say what we all want to say to at least ONE family member in our lives (admit it).

my daughter told me she was going to buy a new Dad at the supermarket.

— Bambo Meja (@Natemeja) July 30, 2017

They really know no boundaries.

When my daughter was 4 she looked at my wedding ring and said, "That's a pretty ring. When you die I can have it."

— taylor🌻 (@thetaylorrebe) July 31, 2017

And they say all the things you're NOT supposed to say.

Summer camp counselor-go to the pool and boy points to my belly and asks "do you have a baby in there?" I was the skinniest I've ever been 😒

— Lil Jazzy Vert 🏄🏽‍♀️ (@JazzyTsunami) July 30, 2017

and of course...

They annoy us even in the womb.

My child hasn't come yet, but he disrespects my organs every day

— Arya Stark (@Loliittaaa__) July 30, 2017

We love them. We hate them. But we have to admit — we wish we had their audacity sometimes.

(h/t SomeCards)

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