These Grandma-Friendly Remote Modifications Are Downright Hilarious

These grandkids may just be onto something.

Let's get down to it: Grandmothers are real-life superheroes who feed us delicious homemade meals when we are hungry, knit us cozy blankets and sweaters when we're cold, and offer unconditional love when we're feeling sad ... but navigating their way around a universal TV remote? It's generally not one of their strong suits.

It seems that grandchildren have now decided to take matters into their own hands after being asked to help grandma with her remote a few too many times.

Teenagers around the world are "grandma-ifying" their nanas' remotes as a way to offer a helpful—and hilarious—solution to the problem. These remote modifications simplify even the most confusing gadgets, so granny will have no problem figuring out which button does what.

To "grandma-ify" your remote like these teens all you need is some tape, a marker or pen, and knowledge of your grandma's TV remote issues.

This remote was customized, complete with instructions and grandma's favorite channel at the bottom.

My grandmother was complaining about how she couldn't use the remote so I grandma-ified it for her

— Luke Hannon (@lukehannontv) November 4, 2016

One grandson kept things simple so his grandma wouldn't have to worry about all those "extra" buttons.

This grandson may have gone overboard.

@TripleMRushHour fixed the remote for grandma

— Joel Schultz (@schultzy_j) May 6, 2016

This strategy can work for grandfathers, as well.


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