Baby's First Major Face Bruise :( Plus, Friday Freebies for Moms! :)

Emmett came home from the sitter's looking a little worse for the wear yesterday.


She was carrying the other baby up a flight of carpeted stairs, which Emmett wanted to tackle on his own. "Emmett do it! Emmett do it!" she said he was insisting. (Sounds about right.) Well, it seems, Emmett didn't quite DO it, since he tumbled down from three stairs up.

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He was in good spirits when I picked him up an hour or so later, but for the rest of the evening he kept touching his nose and asking, "Boo-boo?"

The boo-boo breaks my heart a little, but I think he's still pretty cute.

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! Enjoy these freebies and go hug your favorite soldier!



    • Enter to win a swimsuit—just in time for summer!
    • Enter to win some heavy-duty cleaning products—because whose home couldn't use a heavy-duty cleaning?

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