Baby + Concerts = Bad Idea?

If you had the sound up when you watched Monday's video, you may have noticed (in addition to my screechy voice) that we were rocking out to Hall & Oates.

It wasn't "a Hall & Oates CD" or "Hall & Oates on someone's iPod playlist," it was Daryl Hall and John Oates, who were the final act at The Great Googa Mooga Festival [<- worst name ever] in Brooklyn's Prospect Park last weekend.

Rory and I have always taken Emmett to concerts in the park so I don't feel like that's a huge deal, but I was surprised by how close to the stage Rory wanted to get on Sunday. Close enough that would would have had to yell to have a conversation—and close enough that I was worried about Emmett's little ears.

He took out that lollipop just long enough to sing the chorus of "Your Kiss Is on My List."

And even once we backed up a decent amount, I was still feeling a not-so-great about the noise level. Still, I'm ALWAYS the bad cop and there were other moms and kids there, so I didn't want to be the one freaking out over a little music.

Do you worry about your kids' ears at concerts? Do you take them to concerts? And has anyone tried those headphones?!

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