This Bride's Two-in-One Wedding Gown Is Beyond Gorgeous

And the bridesmaids' dresses were the perfect shade of millennial pink.

You've probably heard about the second dress trend for weddings. Some brides find their big gowns difficult to dance in, so they swap it out for something lighter and less burdensome. But who wants to take off their dream dress after only a few hours? Not us — and, apparently, not either.

The Victoria's Secret supermodel got married on the Amalfi Coast in Italy this weekend and wore a design that was the very definition of versatile. During the ceremony, the dress was a glamorous ballgown featuring a semi sheer lace bodice and a floor-sweeping princess skirt.

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Walking up to the Ravello Cathedral, her gown was a mesmerizing sight to behold — as proven by the tourists who couldn't resist cheering and taking pictures.

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Clearly, the groom was a huge fan, as evidenced by this passionate kiss.

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But when it came to the reception, Sidorkina made one small tweak to her ensemble that totally transformed her look in seconds: She removed her poufy skirt, revealing a fitted column dress underneath that was covered in lace.

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The best part: she was able to get closer to her groom during their first dance. No navigating around (or accidentally tripping over!) a full skirt for this couple. And she didn't have to waste time running to a changing room to switch dresses either.

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The bridesmaids' dresses were also stunning in a perfect shade of millennial pink.

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As you can see, the entire celebration was beyond gorgeous and Sidorkina has exquisite taste.

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