20+ Money-Saving Apps That You'll Actually Use More Than Once

You'll learn how to coupon, budget, and even invest with the best of them.

money saving apps
Megan Tatem

When you want an easy way to put money back in your pocket, yes, there really is an app for that. Whether you want to get better at couponing, figure out what the heck investing is, or create a budget you'll actually stick to, these are the downloads that will help you save some major moola.

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digit money-saving app
Megan Tatem

Save money while doing next to nothing with this easy-to-use app. Once it's linked to your checking account, Digit automatically analyzes your income and spending, then transfers a few dollars into an FDIC-insured savings account every day. You can instruct the app via text message to save more or less, and it's easy to withdraw money at any time. "There's a no overdraft guarantee, but watch your account regardless and be aware that Digit is periodically taking money out," says savings expert Jeanette Pavini. Digit is free for 100 days, then $3 a month.

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wallaby money-saving app
Megan Tatem

Did you know that your credit card's rewards programs are always changing? Luckily, Wallaby tracks its most recent promotions and recommends the one you should swipe to maximize your points and cash back. Business travelers, take note: "If you don't have a company card and have to use a card of your own, Wallaby can track points for hotels and airlines, increasing your chances of getting a return," Pavini says.

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coupons.com money-saving app
Megan Tatem

First, link your loyalty accounts for stores like , , and to this app and it'll collect all of your digital coupons in one place. Then, before you shop use the app to select the coupons you want to use. When you scan your loyalty card at checkout, the app automatically applies the savings. If there is no loyalty program, you can also use coupons retroactively. Simply select relevant coupons and snap a photo of your receipt. You'll receive the difference in price as cash back to your PayPal account.

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mint money-saving app
Megan Tatem

This money-saving app is ideal for those who want to stay on top of their finances but find it hard to stay organized. "The only way you're going to do that is if you're aware of your spending and savings over time," Pavini says. Simply link your credit, checking, and savings accounts to Mint, and it'll start tracking your income, expenses, and investments. Before you know it you'll have a clearer financial picture that helps you easily set budgets and goals.

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acorns money-saving app
Megan Tatem

Every time you make a purchase, rounds up the total amount to the nearest dollar and invests the difference, essentially turning your pocket change into small investments. But how do you know what to invest in? The pros handle that; all you have to do is answer a questionnaire about your fiscal situation and goals. Based on your responses, the app recommends one of five portfolios of diverse stocks and bonds. You make your choice, then set up automatic daily, weekly, or monthly investments. As an early user you'll pay $1 for the app's services; if you acquire over $5,000, you'll pay 0.25% annually.

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gasbuddy money-saving app
Megan Tatem

There's nothing worse than filling up at a gas station only to drive a block down the road and see that price was lower. That's why GasBuddy was created — it uses your location to recommend the cheapest gas stations near you, and Pavini says it's updated by timestamped user reports so you can see how long ago someone filled up. The app's is also handy when you need to tally how much gas you'll buy on a road trip, and when and where to refill. Just input your start and end locations, along with the make, model, and year of your car, and it'll tell you the most wallet-friendly place to pull over.

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target cartwheel money-saving app
Megan Tatem
Target Cartwheel

Browse through hundreds of products on and you could easily save 5-50% in Target stores nationwide. If you see a deal you like, simply save it on your "list" (you can put up to 50 of 'em on there), then scan your app's barcode at checkout to redeem your savings. Best part: This is not a one-time-only situation, as you reuse Cartwheel deals until their expiration date. If you pay with a , you can also save an additional 5% every time you swipe, Pavini says.

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prism money-saving app
Megan Tatem

Prism streamlines bill-paying by allowing you to monitor and pay bills in one place. In the app, link the account for, say, your cable bill, as well as that of your bank, and Prism will remind you when the bill is due.

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goodbudget money-saving app
Megan Tatem

Goodbudget modernizes envelope budgeting, allowing you to designate an amount for groceries, entertainment, and the like. Log each purchase and stop spending when your envelopes are empty.

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personal capital money-saving app
Megan Tatem
Personal Capital

Personal Capital analyzes your investment portfolio and tracks your net worth. The app also has an in-depth retirement planner that reveals whether or not you’re on target for your golden years.

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quickbooks money-saving app 
Megan Tatem
Quickbooks Self-Employed

Quickbooks Self-Employed starts at $5 per month, but it's worth it as it helps freelancers tally income and expenses, and even tracks mileage automatically by connecting to your phone’s GPS.

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wave money-saving app
Megan Tatem
Invoice by Wave

Invoice by Wave allows contractors, consultants, freelancers, and small-business owners to create, track, and send customized invoices, receipts, estimates, and reminders.

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pocket guard app logo
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PocketGuard keeps an eagle eye on daily spending to help you adjust to a lower income. The app’s fun “in your pocket” feature uses your account information and income to advise you if you can afford a specific purchase, like a new skirt.

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clarity money-saving app 
Megan Tatem
Clarity Money

Clarity Money can help you make a fresh start by alerting you to unwanted or unused subscriptions that may be quietly draining your budget.

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albert genius money-saving app 
Megan Tatem
Albert Genius

Albert Genius answers your spending, saving, and budgeting questions via text. For example, ask, “What’s the cheapest moving service in Chicago?” and the app will provide near-instant answers based on your linked accounts and spending history.

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qapital money-saving app
Megan Tatem

Qapital helps you save little by little and gets creative with how much money you set aside and when. For example, you can direct the app to save $3 toward a trip to Chicago every time you buy pizza, or tell it to put aside a dollar whenever you clock in at work.

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tip yourself money-saving app 
Megan Tatem
Tip Yourself

Tip Yourself allows you to easily put money in your “tip jar” any time you do something you deem tip-worthy, like going to the gym, avoiding an impulse buy, or making coffee instead of buying it.

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robinhood money-saving app
Megan Tatem

This money-saving app allows you to choose and invest in a wide selection of stocks without paying commissions or fees. Plus, with no account minimum, you can try the stock market without tying up hundreds or thousands of dollars.

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airbnb money-saving app 
Megan Tatem

You know the company offers room and home rentals, often for less than hotel rates. Now Airbnb has added the opportunity to book unique low-cost experiences in dozens of cities around the world, all hosted by locals. Example: You can try activities like cheese-tasting in Park City, UT, for $25, or a scavenger hunt in Portland, OR, for $19.

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coupon sherpa money-saving app
Megan Tatem
Coupon Sherpa

An app that offers thousands of discount codes, searchable by store, category, and special dates like Mother’s Day and July 4. If you allow Coupon Sherpa to access your phone’s location, it will offer coupons for stores nearby.

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snipsnap money-saving app
Megan Tatem

SnipSnap eliminates the need to clip coupons from flyers or magazines. Instead, take a photo of the coupon and the app will convert the image into a bar code for the store’s cashier to scan.

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