This Job Lets You Work in Colorado's Beautiful San Juan National Forest

Dreams really do come true.


Update, 10/18/27: Bummer, it looks like you don't get to live in a cabin for free if you snag this opportunity. It's actually quite more involved than we thought! Thomas Rice, recreation staff officer at San Juan National Forest, describes the the job as: "Under a Granger Thye permit, an operator enters a contract to operate the Guard Stations for use by the paying public. The concessionaire is required to rent the Guard Stations to the public and must meet certain criteria including having insurance, having a certified water operator to run the water systems, advertising the availability for rentals under a national reservation system and maintaining the property to a standard accepted by the Forest System. A percentage of the gross revenue is used to maintain the properties."

Everything you need to know about applying for this position can be .

Original, 10/13/17: If you're seeking a quiet, simple life, nothing beats a remote cabin in the woods. Lucky for you, the U.S. Department of Agriculture is looking for someone to in Colorado's . A.k.a. you'll get paid to live in an for free.

There are two homes and both are picturesque, so you can't go wrong. One is the Guard Station at Mancos and is a three-bedroom log cabin with a kitchen, propane tank, well water, solar system and wood-burning stove. The other is the Glad Guard Station near Cortez and is a small white cottage with similar interior amenities, as well as a barn with newly installed corrals.

In order to get paid to live amongst , the person will have to take care of all waste and garbage management, maintain the home and utilities and make sure the grounds are kept up to code. The other job is to oversee vacation rentals of the home, but any leftover revenue from rentals after paying "fair market value" to the government is yours to keep (score!).

Here are some photos of what the National Forest looks like:

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If you're interested in this unique opportunity, it's a two-year commitment with the option of extending for five more years. But you have to apply by mail to be considered for the role. Colorado, here we come!

But it's not just Colorado that's stunning. From state parks to vast prairies, every state across America is full of beauty — and here's proof:

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