Forest Skating Is the Best Way to Spend Time Outdoors This Winter

This is so cool.

ice skating trails

Drinking a and wrapping yourself up in a are some of the best ways to make the cold season a bit more bearable, but in order to really embrace the winter months (and dare we say, !), you've got to get outdoors. The best way to do that? Forest skating.

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Yep—forest skating! This wintertime activity involves ice skating trails (similar to hiking or walking trails) that wind through beautiful snow-covered forests—and they're putting monotonous skating rinks to shame. Though there are only a few in the U.S., there are trails all over Canada, where the sport is growing in popularity.

The paths at Quebec's "," also known as the Frozen Trails, and Ontario's are two of the most popular. Both feature lit-up paths in the evening, which makes them especially great for .

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You can find similar trail experiences in America at in Fairlee, Vermont and in Minocqua, Wisconsin. And while they aren't surrounded by dense forests, you can also skate frozen trails at the and at .

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All of these trails are open now, while the weather permits, so you better make your way there ASAP before spring arrives!

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