16 Hilarious Photos of Dogs That Are Terrible At Hide and Seek

Hmm... something's not right here.


Dogs are loyal, precious, and all-around amazing. But, they're not always the best at hide and seek. The good news: they still look pretty darn cute, even when they fail at hiding.

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1 Paws Up

A post shared by (@thebrothers_corg) on

In this dog's defense, maybe it's a small chair?

2 Dog Pile

A post shared by (@hybridsol) on

Maybe he's afraid of fire?

3 Canine Camouflage

A post shared by (@sixfeettotheearth) on

We have to give this pup credit; this is a solid attempt at hiding.

4 Fluffy Fail

Let's just pretend he won this round.

5 Pillow Talk

A post shared by (@michael_angelo_tjitradi) on

On the plus side, he makes a great pillow model.

6 Couch Potato

A post shared by (@fikerdoodle) on

The hiding spot is good, but the pup happens to be a tad too big for it.

7 Heads Up

At least his head is in the game, right?

8 On the Nose

A post shared by (@_wanderandwonder_) on

Who 'nose' where the dog is?

9 Curtain Call

A post shared by (@donutthewestie) on

This tactic could have worked, if the curtain wasn't sheer.

10 Flower Child

A post shared by (@busterthebombpom) on

This dog picked the wrong time to stop and smell the roses.

11 The Blinds Leading the Blind

A post shared by (@goldendobby) on

In his mind, he picked a genius hiding spot.

12 Toy Story

A post shared by (@sweetbunneh) on

To be fair, it took us a solid two seconds to find the dog here.

13 Coat of Many Colors

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One of these things is not like the other...

14 Bottoms Up

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So close, pup...so close.

15 On a Roll

On the bright side, you don't have to go looking for a spare roll of toilet paper.

16 Invisibility Cloak

Actually... this dog is GREAT at hide and seek.

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