Incredible Illustrations Put Real Bull Terrier in Hilarious Situations

Thanks to his owner's creative sketches, this dog gets to be super hero, sing karaoke and more


On any given day, Jimmy Choo, an adorable five-year-old pooch, could be flying over a city, swimming with sharks or belting out a song—at least in the clever drawings his owner, Rafael Mantesso, creates.

Mantesso, 31, lives in Carangola, Brazil, and has recently gained quite the following—60,000 followers and counting—thanks to his illustrations-turned-photos.

After a divorce, the dog lover was left with a bare, empty house, he told the . To fill his time, he started painting and taking pictures. He originally posted photos and artwork featuring food, household items and some Disney characters. But a year ago he shared a photo of , and decided to collaborate with the canine more often.

Since then, Jimmy Choo and Mantesso have had some incredible adventures. "Taking pictures and creating art with Jimmy is my hobby, but it's so great that I have to time to play with Jimmy, who is my best friend,' he told the ."

Check out some of the most impressive of his images below.







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