20 Yoga Gifts for the Friend That Really Needs to Relax

Or someone who just wants to stretch more.

gifts for yogis

Whether your friend dabbles in yoga or is a hardcore devotee, shopping for rela presents can be a lot of fun. Each of these is likely already on her wish list, but if not then she's in for a fun surprise.

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Hearst Products
Backslash/Fit Yoga Mat

Help her stretch out (and avoid injury) with this high-tech mat that rolls up by itself and pairs with Amazon's Alexa.

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Breathe Bracelet

A delicate reminder for those times when life (or poses) starts to get out of hand.

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Yoga Gifts - Inhale Exhale Prints
Inhale Exhale Downloadable Prints


Available as instant downloads, these prints come in various sizes and will add instant zen to her bedroom.

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Yoga Mate Towel
$19.95 (38% off)

Give the gift of a slip-free practice with this towel that covers her entire mat. 

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Yoga Gifts - French Bulldog Yoga Pose Sweatshirt
French Bulldog Yoga Pose Sweatshirt


If she's a dog lover too, there's no way she won't love this cozy sweatshirt.

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Beyond Yoga for Carbon38
Beyond Yoga Alloy Ombre High Waisted Midi Legging

Help her get into the holiday spirit with these festive ombre leggings and matching sports bra. 

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Yoga Gifts - Unplug: A Simple Guide to Meditation
Unplug: A Simple Guide to Meditation


For the girl who struggles to unplug, this book debunks common misconceptions about meditation, explains how can literally change your brain, and offers tips for incorporating it .

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Yoga Gifts - Spoil Yourself Silly Body Scrub
Spoil Yourself Silly Body Scrub


This luxurious body scrub will trick any yogi into thinking she's .

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Yoga Gifts - L. Erickson Ponytail Holders
L. Erickson Ponytail Holders


This set of 15 durable, snag-free hair ties comes in eight shimmery color combos to match every one of her outfits.

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Lululemon Go Lightly Duffel Bag

Every yogi needs a chic two-in-one bag that allows her to easily transport her mat from home to studio. 

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Yoga Gifts - The Yoga Kitchen Cookbook
The Yoga Kitchen Cookbook


With over 100 recipes to choose from, there's no way she won't learn to cook healthy this year.

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Yoga Gifts - Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Stress Relief Candle
Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Stress Relief Candle


Any stress she has will practically melt away as this three-wick candle burns the calming scents of eucalyptus and spearmint for up to 45 hours.

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Lotus Elixir Yoga Mat Mist

Made with witch hazel, lavender, and sage essential oils, she can spray this on her mat before practice to de-stress, and after to help clean any lingering germs. 

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Yoga Design Lab The Infinity Mat

This beautiful, eco-friendly mat will inspire her to loosen up more often.

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Yoga Gifts - Deep Breaths Sport Towel Set
Deep Breaths Sport Towel Set


Get her head in the zone with these plush cotton towels.

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Yoga Gifts - EVO Stretching Strap
EVO Stretching Strap


A stretching strap helps her deepen poses no matter what her skill level.

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BKR Spiked Air Kiss Water Bottle

It's a luxurious water bottle, yes, but the silicone sleeve means it won't make any noise when she sets it on the floor, and the spikes ensures no slips in even the sweatiest of grips. 

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Yoga Gifts - Chakra Bath Salts Set
Uncommon Goods
Chakra Bath Salts Set


Help her indulge in a soak after a sweat session at the studio. This set includes seven different scents, so she can choose the one that best suits her energy.

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Yoga Gifts - Jasmine Seven Mat & Body Wipes
Jasmine Seven Mat & Body Wipes


These handy wipes make for easy cleanup after sweaty hot yoga classes, and they're perfect for tossing in her stocking.

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Asakuki Essential Oil Diffuser and Humidifier

For the girl who flows at home, this aromatherapy essential oil diffuser will help her unwind before she hits the mat. 

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