The 12 Cutest Back-to-School Outfits for Kids

Your child will start school in style with these fun looks.

back to school outfits

Kick off the school year with these sharp outfit ideas that are both kid- and mom-approved. These are great options for back-to-school and yearbook photos, too.

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1 Collared Shirt

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There's certainly nothing wrong with dressing up for the first day of school, and the sneakers help keep this look casual. 

2 Friday Feels

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A denim vest, cute plaid skirt, and sassy tee seem like the best way to start the school year. 

3 Geometric Pattern

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This munchkin couldn't be trendier when it comes to her back-to-school outfit. The graphic black-and-white contrasting prints are eye-catching, and the peplum top makes her look especially chic. Don't forget to dress up your kid's outfit even more by color-coding her accessories, just like this girl's headband and strappy sandals.

4 Patterned Dress

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Match your sweet kid's smiling face with a sweet little patterned dress. Not only does a dress make a great impression on the first day, but she can pair it with comfy shoes for a casual take, like this little one has—she'll still be able to run around at recess!

5 Think

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Prep your kid for the new school year with an inspiring graphic T-shirt. This boy's "THINK. THINK. THINK." logo tee sets just the right tone for a successful year.

6 Striped Graphic Tees

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If casually cute is more your kid's tone, a striped shirt with a fun cartoon on the front is the perfect match. Bonus points if it has glitter and sparkles.

7 Stylish Guys

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If the weather's a little chillier, pair a jacket with dark jeans and sporty sneakers. Your youngster will be toasty, comfortable, and still look fashionable. 

8 Black & White

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If you've got an extra-glamorous tyke on your hands, a black-and-white dress like this one will look absolutely fabulous. Its fun, graphic cartoon cats manage to make the look chic AND kid-friendly. Top off the look with flats and frilly socks, and your fashionista will be good to go.

9 Bright Colors

Pick a bright primary color and run with it! These adorable twins look super stylish with their head-to-toe matching color schemes. For a look that's a little more formal for the first day, a polo and trousers (not jeans!) will set the right attitude.

10 Girl Boss

If your little sweetie wants to show everyone who's boss, this sassy look just might do the trick. Combat boots paired with white socks will match her feisty attitude.

11 Cool Dude


This little gent looks ready to hit the books. Whether it's the sleek logo white tee, his skull shorts, or his fabulous black sunglasses, he almost looks too cool for school.

12 Minnie Mouse

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If your little princess loves wearing her cartoons more than she loves watching them, match a graphic sweater of her favorite character with a bright, colorful skirt. The skirt will balance out the loud look, and it will show off her cute shoes.

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