20 Halloween Movies for Kids to Watch This Spooky Season

"Hocus Pocus" is a no-brainer.

halloween movies for kids
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If you want a movie your oldest and youngest kids catch watch together (and won't bore to tears either), we've got the best picks for you. All of these Halloween films are the right mix of funny, spooky, and sentimental, meaning everyone will enjoy them.

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halloween movies for kids scooby-doo
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This live-action version of everyone's favorite mystery-solving crew takes place on Spooky Island, where a magical force threatens to put a spell over everyone on Earth. Sheesh.

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kids halloween movies monster family
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Monster Family

When an evil witch turns a family dressed up as monsters for Halloween into real, living monsters, things get a bit complicated.

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kids halloween movies casper meets wendy
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Casper Meets Wendy

Casper the friendly ghost will keep your kids entertained throughout the movie, while you obsess over young Hillary Duff who stars as Wendy.

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halloween movies for kids ghostbusters
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Introduce your kids to this classic around Halloween, when ghosts are on their mind. But expect them to want to watch this film all year long.

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halloween movies for kids coraline
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When a young girl named Coraline is accidentally transported to what at first resembles a better version of her universe, she's thrilled. Except this new realm is not what it seems.

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Hocus Pocus

The Sanderson Sisters never fail to entertain the family. On the night of Halloween, it's up to three children and a magical cat to stop three resurrected witch sisters (Sarah Jessica Parker, Bette Midler, and Kathy Najimy) from wrecking havoc in Salem

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Hotel Transylvania

Count Dracula runs Hotel Transylvania, a destination where monsters can take a break from the human world. But when 21-year-old Jonathan arrives on the premises, Dracula must hide the human visitor from his guests and protect his "teenage" vampire daughter from falling for him too

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After discovering she's a witch, 13-year-old Marnie Piper visits her grandmother (Debbie Reynolds) in Halloweentown where she ends up on a question to save the supernatural town from despair with her younger siblings.

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Monster House

Three kids believe that the house next door is actually an evil, living creature — but no adults believe them. Halloween is coming soon, so the trio of friends have to come up with a way to defeat the terrifying home before innocent trick-or-treaters get in trouble.

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Two twin sisters (Tia Mowry-Hardrict and Tamera Mowry-Housley) are reunited on their 21st birthday, only to find out that they're witches. They must learn how to use their new powers and save their inherited kingdom from the power of darkness.

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Casper is a friendly ghost who minds his own business haunting a home in Maine. But when James Harvey comes to communicate with the ghosts and brings his daughter, Casper falls in love. Now, he has to figure out how to work around his transparent figure — and his three mischievous uncles too.

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The Addams Family

The spooky Addams family tries to determine whether a member of the family, Fester, is actually who he says he is. In the meantime, viewers gain insight into the rest of the eclectic family over the course of the quirky film.

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The Haunted Mansion

Jim Evers works too much as a realtor — and his wife has called him out on it. Evers and his family take a vacation, but they make a pit stop at a mansion that he's been asked to sell. The eerie mansion turns out to be haunted by a few creepy (and friendly!) ghosts, who want help breaking a curse.

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halloween family movies
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The Nightmare Before Christmas

This Tim Burton classic follows Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King, on his mission to bring Christmas to Halloweentown. But when he kidnaps Santa Claus, things go a bit awry.

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halloween family movies
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When a recently-deceased ghost couple discovers that a family has moved into their haunted residence, they hire the evil spirit Beetlejuice (Michel Keaton) to drive the parents and their teenager out for good.

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halloween family movies
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It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

The Peanuts gang celebrates Halloween, while Linus skips trick-or-treating and waits for the Great Pumpkin. This is a classic and, although a cartoon, will be a welcomed trip down memory lane for older kids and adults.

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Watch the classic R.L. Stine award-winning book series come to life in this thrilling Jack Black movie. When the author's monsters are accidentally released into an unassuming town, Stine's daughter and neighbor are up to the task to capture them.

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halloween family movies
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In this black-and-white film, young Victor brings his dog Sparky back to life in a dangerous science experiment that comes with serious consequences.

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harry potter
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Harry Potter

Relive the magic of J.K. Rowling's world of wizards, witches, and spells through the eyes of Harry Potter in this iconic movie series. After all, what's more festive than a little magic?

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halloween family movies
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Corpse Bride

When practicing his wedding vows in a forest, a shy groom accidentally proposes to a dead woman who comes to life thinking they're married. Tim Burton doesn't disappoint with this dark, yet romantic, film.

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