30+ Fall Activities Every Family Should Do This Season

Little ones will cherish these special memories.

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When the weather finally starts to cool down and leaves start to change colors, you've finally made it to the best season of the year. No, not because it's stunning and the best holiday ever happens in the middle of it (although, all of that's true). It's the best because there are tons of activities you can do as a family for little to no money — including all of these ideas you should put on your fall bucket list ASAP.

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1 Harvest apples.
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Looking for a beautiful orchard or the best apples in your region? Check out this list of the best apple-picking spots around the country.

2 Visit a sunflower farm.
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Sunflower season is here! Take your kids to a farm to see the breathtaking flowers in full bloom while you can.

3 Host a bonfire.
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Heat up the fire pit for a bonfire with the kids. They'll love cooking hot dogs or roasting marshmallows on a cool autumn day.

4 Make dinner inside a pumpkin.
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Pumpkins aren't just for decoration. Serve dinner in a cute carved-out mini pumpkin (using this recipe from Country Living!).

5 Visit a haunted house.
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Kick off the Halloween season with a spooky visit to a nearby haunted house and get some inspiration for your Halloween party!

6 Fly a kite.
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Use the brisk, fall wind to your advantage and take the kids out to an open field or local park to fly kites.

7 Teach your kids about Dia De Los Muertos.
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Put on the Disney hit Coco and use the autumn day to teach your kids about El Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

8 Escape to the mountains.
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Get away for the weekend and escape to a cabin surrounded by nature. Sip hot cider outside and relax as the foliage falls from the trees.

9 Learn how to knit.
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Nothing pasts the time like a new hobby and by Christmastime you'll be ready with plenty of beautiful homemade gifts!

10 Warm up with soup.
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Nothing feels more comforting on a fall day than a warm bowl of soup — especially when it's homemade. Check out our delicious fall soup recipes like this white bean and sausage soup.

11 Attend a fall festival.
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You can go to autumn events dedicated to food, crafts, music, art — or whatever else interests your family — all over the country. Find one nearby.

12 Bake an autumn-inspired treat.
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Even the pickiest eaters will love homemade goodies like a caramel apple dessert pizza or these pumpkin hand pies.

13 Bring pie to a neighbor.
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Store-bought or homemade, it doesn't matter! This kind gesture will be appreciated by all, especially if it includes something as tasty as this Salted Caramel Peanut Butter Fudge Pie.

14 Host a harvest party.
Tara Donne

Get your family, neighbors, and friends together with this kid-friendly idea. Easily transform your backyard into a whimsical fall backdrop with these brilliant autumn party ideas.

15 Carve pumpkins.

Challenge your older kids with these silly pumpkin carving ideas and inspire your little ones to get involved with one of these painted pumpkin crafts.

16 Sip on cider.
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Who wouldn't love this delicious idea? While kids drink a booze-free version, serve these yummy apple cider mimosas to the grown-ups.

17 Take your Christmas card photo.
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Take advantage of the mild weather and beautiful colors of the changing leaves.

18 Roam through a pumpkin patch.
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Stop by a local farm to pick your own pumpkins and stock up on gourds and squash for crafts and cooking while you're there.

19 Create DIY fall decorations.
A Night Owl

Your kids will love seeing something they created used to dress up the house — get started with these easy craft ideas.

20 Navigate a corn maze.
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You won't have to nag your kids to get outside or exercise when this fun and seasonal activity is involved.

21 Collect pinecones.
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There's so much you can do with these natural beauties: Create a pretty fall centerpiece for holiday dinners or turn them into a colorful home accessory.

22 Go for a hayride.
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Everyone can kick back and relax during this low-key and sight-packed venture.

23 Toast pumpkin seeds.
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From savory Parmesan herb spiced seeds to sweet and sugary cinnamon seeds — there's a delicious seed snack for every craving.

24 Make homemade Halloween costumes.

We rounded up the cutest family costume ideas that are both easy to put together (including this super cute s'mores combo costume), and worthy of a good chuckle.

25 Treat yourself to a caramel apple.

Try a new and creative take on the classic sweet. Caramel apple slices, apple pie caramel apples, and chocolate pretzel caramel apples are just a few unique ideas.

26 Create a list of blessings.

Sit down with your family and write down everything you're grateful for in preparation of Thanksgiving.

27 Rake leaves.

This simple task is a great way to have some outdoor fun with your kids while boosting your home's curb appeal.

28 Make a scarecrow.

You don't have to be a farmer to enjoy displaying one of these cute guys in your yard.

29 Hike in the fall foliage.

If your kids are too young to hike, opt for a shorter and easier nature walk.

30 Run a 5K.

Fall is packed with 5K runs and shorter family races for charities.

31 Watch 'Hocus Pocus' as a family.
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You can't go wrong with this classic Halloween movie. Everyone from grandparents to little ones will enjoy it.

32 Unplug for the day.

Make a pact and get everyone in the family to turn off their cellphones (parents included!), so that you can really enjoy the beautiful season.

33 Go to a football game.

Root for your local, city, or college football team at a home game.

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