Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Related to Each Other

It truly is a small, small world.

celebrities who are related
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From your and singers to the , these celebrities all have surprising relatives who are also in the . Some of these famous duos even share the same last name, but most of us would have never guessed that they were related to each other.

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kate middleton
Getty ImagesSamir Hussein
Kate Middleton and ...

The is famous enough herself for being a member of the British , but she has a couple surprising celebrities as relatives who you’ve probably heard of. Like ...

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dakota and elle fanning
Getty ImagesDavid M. Benett
... Dakota and Elle Fanning

A few of years ago, discovered that sisters Dakota and Elle Fanning were descendants of King Edward III. That discovery led to the realization that they're both distant cousins of the Duchess of Cambridge, according to .

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melissa mccarthy
Getty ImagesAxelle/Bauer-Griffin
Melissa McCarthy and ...

The is best known for her roles in movies like and . She was even one of the highest paid actresses in the world in 2018, according to . But did you know she's related to another famous celeb?

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jenny mccarthy
Getty ImagesBravo
... Jenny McCarthy

Yup — Melissa is related to fellow actress Jenny McCarthy, who you know from and . They’re cousins and share the same last name, but many people might overlook that. According to , Jenny helped Melissa land her first role.

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melanie griffith
Getty ImagesPascal Le Segretain
Melanie Griffith and ...

Working Girl actress rose to fame in the ‘80s and has since starred in tons of movies. But another family member of hers has also found great success in Hollywood, and they're VERY close.

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dakota johnson
Getty ImagesFrazer Harrison
... Dakota Johnson

People probably don’t realize it since the two have different last names, but Melanie Griffith is the mother to 29-year-old actress Dakota Johnson, who is best known for her role as Anastasia in .

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steven spielberg
Getty ImagesKevin Winter
Steven Spielberg and ...

Steven Spielberg is one of the most well-known filmmakers — he's the mastermind behind movies like , , and . Turns out that he's actually related to someone who starred in one of his movies!

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jessica capshaw 
Getty ImagesStefanie Keenan
.... Jessica Capshaw

When Steven Spielberg married Kate Capshaw in 1991, he became the stepfather to star Jessica Capshaw. The two have surprisingly worked together on a film before — she had a role in and her stepfather directed it.

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blake lively
Getty ImagesJeff Spicer
Blake Lively and ...

True Blake Lively fans know that she and her father played father-daughter roles in back in 2005 — but they aren't the only famous ones in the family.

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robyn lively
Getty ImagesEmma McIntyre
... Robyn Lively

Blake and Robyn Lively are half-sisters (they have the same mother), and seem to be . Robyn is best known for her role in the 1989 movie , and she's still starring in other productions today.

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prince charles
Getty ImagesIan Forsyth
Prince Charles and ...

There's a lot we already know about the Prince of Wales, like and how was tougher than expected. But he has a surprising cousin that not many people know about.

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ralph fiennes
Getty ImagesVivien Killilea
... Ralph Fiennes

Ralph Fiennes, also known as Lord Voldemort in the movies, and Prince Charles are eighth cousins, according to the .

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gwyneth paltrow
Getty Images
Gwyneth Paltrow and ...

is a well-known actress and lifestyle guru — she's appeared in many movies (most recently ) and owns the her own company, . She's also related to another actress, but not many people know it.

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kate moennig
Getty ImagesAlberto E. Rodriguez
... Kate Moennig

Gwyneth Paltrow and fellow actress Kate Moennig are actually cousins, although they don't have much in common besides the industry they're in. "There really is no comparison at all. [Our] work and lifestyles are completely different," Kate said to the in 2000.

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warren beatty
Getty ImagesTara Ziemba
Warren Beatty and ...

Warren Beatty's been starring in movies since the '60s, so he's definitely earned his Hollywood fame (and all of his award nominations). His sister is also in the industry, but people don't realize at first since they have different last names.

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shirley maclaine
Getty ImagesChristopher Polk
... Shirley Maclaine

Warren's older sister is none other than actress Shirley Maclaine. She was born with the name Shirley MacLean Beaty, but eventually changed it to Shirley MacLaine once she started performing. The siblings seem to be very close, too. "I’m three years older and I’m protective," she told after the 2017 Oscar's fiasco Warren was involved in. “We know how difficult it was for him, but it was also for me.”

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Getty ImagesKevin Mazur
Beyoncé and ...

has a pretty amazing family. Not only is her sister singer and artist Solange Knowles, but her husband is none other than Jay Z. But it turns out that her family has another famous relative.

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bianca lawson
Getty ImagesAlberto E. Rodriguez
Bianca Lawson

Bianca Lawson was already an actress (in Pretty Little Liars, , and more) before she was related to Queen Bey. Her father, Richard Lawson, married Beyoncé's mother, Tina Knowles, and the two famous families became intertwined — making Bianca and Beyoncé step-sisters.

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hilary duff
Getty ImagesMonica Schipper
Hilary Duff and ...

just welcomed her second child into the world, and that baby is lucky for a number of reasons, including a very special distant relative.

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queen elizabeth II
Getty ImagesMax Mumby/Indigo
... Queen Elizabeth II

According to a study released by , Hilary Duff is . The two are actually 18th cousins, making Hilary the closest-related American celebrity to the (besides Meghan Markle, of course).

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al roker
Getty ImagesSantiago Felipe
Al Roker and ...

is a television personality we all know and love — who else would we want to hear our weather forecast from? Al's actually related to another celebrity, and they've even talked about it on TV together.

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lenny kravitz
Getty ImagesC Flanigan
... Lenny Kravitz

Al Roker and Lenny Kravitz both have some Roker in them — they said it themselves. "My mother was Roxie Roker, my grandfather, Albert Roker from the Bahamas. Has to be," Lenny said on back in 2011. Their grandfathers were apparently cousins, which makes them distantly related.

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rashida jones
Getty ImagesJohn Shearer
Rashida Jones and ...

You know best as Ann Perkins from the show Parks and Recreation. She's obviously made a name for herself in the acting world, but she's no newbie to the industry — she was actually born into it.

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quincy jones
Getty ImagesMatt Winkelmeyer
... Quincy Jones

Quincy and Rashida Jones are father and daughter. He's a famous music producer — he produced Michael Jackson's album and has been working in the industry for . He's been supportive of Rashida's career, and even pushes her to make tough choices: "My dad tells me to make decisions out of love and not fear," Rashida told in May 2017.

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brandy norwood
Getty ImagesLeon Bennett
Brandy Norwood and...

Brandy Norwood is a singer and actress who began performing at a young age — she was even on season 11 of . Fans probably know that fellow singer Ray J is her brother, but they have another talented relative in the family.

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snoop dogg
Getty ImagesJean Baptiste Lacroix
... Snoop Dogg

Famous rapper Snoop Dogg is Brandy's first cousin — they actually made a song together back in 2009 called "Special."

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Getty ImagesKevin Mazur
Madonna and ...

Madonna, nicknamed the Queen of Pop, has clearly made an impact on the way we think of entertainment and music. The "Material Girl" singer is actually related to someone in a completely different industry: politics.

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hillary clinton
Getty ImagesAndrew Chin
... Hillary Clinton

Years ago, it came out that former Secretary of State and First Lady Hillary Clinton was related to the pop singer Madonna. The two are apparently 10th cousins, and the singer even performed a for Hillary when she ran for president.

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jason sudeikis
Getty ImagesCharley Gallay
Jason Sudeikis and ...

Actor and former Saturday Night Live cast member Jason Sudeikis is related to another famous person — and no, it's not his fiancée, actress .

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george wendt
Getty ImagesTimothy Hiatt
... George Wendt

Jason Sudeikis's uncle on his mother's side is fellow actor George Wendt. George originally got his start in a comedy troupe, but now he is best known for his previous role of Norm Peterson in Cheers.

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