27 Baby Halloween Costumes That Are Too Cute to Handle

We're obsessed with the cotton candy getup.

baby halloween costumes
Cupcakes and Cashmere + Style Me Pretty

The best thing about having a baby on Halloween is dressing him or her up in whatever you decide. All of these baby and toddler costumes will result in photos that you'll cherish for years to come ... even if they only keep the costume on for 10 minutes.

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baby halloween costumes little red riding hood
LoverDoversBaby via etsy
Red Riding Hood



The hood on this elaborate costume kills us. If you really want to impress the neighbors, dress her older sibling up as a wolf.

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baby halloween costume dunkin donuts
SOUTHofURBANshop via Etsy
Dunkin' Donuts Coffee Girl



Pay homage to your favorite source of energy in the form of your kid's Halloween costume. The donut teething ring is the cherry on top.

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baby halloween costume 80s workout
SOUTHofURBANshop via Etsy
'80s Workout Baby



Parents with a sense of humor will go nuts over this costume, complete with fabulous leg warmers.

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baby halloween costume swan
TheWishingElephant via Etsy



Part ballerina, part swan, this costume is simple, sweet, and perfect for your little girl.

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baby halloween costume ghost
SOUTHofURBANshop via Etsy



Why recreate the wheel when a classic costume like a ghost is just the thing that'll keep baby coziest this Halloween, too?

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diaryofasocalmama on Etsy
Baby Flamingo Costume

$55 and up


This fun and feathery flamingo costume is perfect for any baby who lives in pink.

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Courtesy of Cupcakes and Cashmere

This might be the first T-Rex you can pick up and hug.

Get the tutorial at Cupcakes and Cashmere.

What you'll need: Baby dinosaur egg costume ($49; potterybarnkids.com)

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TheWishingElephant on Etsy
Gus Gus Baby Halloween Costume

$28 and up


Dress up as Cinderella and tote around your little Gus Gus for an adorable mother-baby costume.

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Courtesy of Really Risa
Sushi Roll

Even if you don't like sushi, you won't be able to resist this costume, complete with a dollop of wasabi and ginger on top.

Get the tutorial at Really Risa.

What you'll need: Pillow filling ($13, .com), Orange and white chevron fabric ($7, .com), Black stretchy fabric ($5, .com), Pink felt ($9, .com), Stitch witchery ($5, .com)

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Chasing Fireflies
Cappuccino Costume



If you live for Pumpkin Spice Lattes every fall, get your little one started early with this coffee shop-ready costume.

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Hyde and Eek! Boutique at Target
Baby Plush Cow Halloween Costume



We can all agree that this Halloween costume is udder-ly adorable.

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Ruth Eileen Photography/Style Me Pretty
Cotton Candy

This sweet cotton candy costume won't result in any cavities — just some extremely adorable pictures.

Get the tutorial at Style Me Pretty.

What you'll need: Pale pink long-sleeved sleepsuit ($19, .c0m), Pale pink baby hat ($5, .com), Batting ($11, .com), iDye Poly in pink ($7, .com), White cardstock ($10, .com)

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SerafinaCreations on Etsy
Baby Grandma Costume

$50 and up


There's nothing cuter than a baby in a granny disguise.

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MamaPeacockBabyOwl on Etsy
Baby Ladybug Costume

$50 and up


This is one little bug you'll want to invade your home.

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Courtesy of Tell Love and Party
Baby Bat

Your baby will be up all night in this easy costume made from black and grey felt and leg warmers.

Get the tutorial at Tell Love and Party.

What you'll need: Black long-sleeved onesie (starting at $7; .com), Black felt ($10; .com), Gray felt ($12; .com), Striped tights ($8; .com)

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baby halloween costumes
Courtesy of C.R.A.F.T.

Transform your picky eater into this cutie patootie veggie.

Get the tutorial at C.R.A.F.T.

What you'll need: Orange turtleneck bodysuit ($13; .com), Elastic ($8; .com), Green tulle ($15; .com)

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LovelyJC on Etsy
Baby Sock Monkey Outfit

$55 and up


Dress your little one up in this classic costume, because sock monkeys never go out of style.

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Pottery Barn Kids
Baby Elephant Costume



Baby elephants? Cute. A baby dressed like an elephant? Infinitely cute.

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Courtesy of You Are My Fave
Tiny Strong Man

A baby with a mustache and fake biceps is an unbeatable combination. Let your little one pump some iron with this genius DIY costume.

Get the tutorial at You Are My Fave.

What you'll need: Striped one-piece ($19; .com), White long-sleeved bodysuit ($19; .com), Fake moustache ($8; .com), Party horn ($3; .com), Plastic baseballs ($9; .com), Black tights (starting at $4; .com)

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HarperRoseBoutique on Etsy
Little Pumpkin Costume

$43 and up


Who said pumpkins only belong on your front porch? Transform your toddler into your favorite fall fruit.

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HarperRoseBoutique on Etsy
Little Witch Costume

Starting at $40


Your little witch will be anything but wicked in this costume (that is, if naptime goes as planned).

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baby halloween costumes
Courtesy of Manion Amor
Boo from 'Monsters Inc.'

Expect the cutest roars from this iconic Pixar character.

Get the tutorial at Manion Amor.

What you'll need: Shiny purple fabric ($6; .com), Batting ($11; .com), Mop head ($9; .com), Styrofoam balls ($7; .com)

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Courtesy of Peek-a-boo Pages
Olaf From 'Frozen'

Follow this easy tutorial to make a homemade Olaf costume for your baby, and expect nothing else but all the warm hugs.

Get the tutorial at Peek-a-Boo Pages.

What you'll need: White fleece ($7; .com), Orange fleece ($5; .com), Black felt ($4; .com), Polyfil ($13; .com)

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baby halloween costumes
Courtesy of House of Paint
Little Skunk

Warning: stinky-free diapers not guaranteed.

Get the tutorial at House of Paint.

What you'll need: Sweatshirt (starting at $9; .com), Black sweatpants ($9; .com), White fur ($20; .com)

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kid trolls
Courtesy of Watch Out for the Woestmans

Not all girls want to be princesses for Halloween! If your daughter wants to mix things up a bit, this troll costume is the perfect fit (especially if she's always wanted purple hair).

Get the tutorial at Watch Out for the Woestmans.

What you'll need: Nude leotard (starting at $19; .com), Colored hairspray ($3; .com), Tutu skirt (starting at $6; .com), Construction paper (starting at $2; .com)

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Courtesy of Lines Across

Bring back a hint of summer with this no-sew (and non-prickly) pineapple costume. Your baby will be all smiles!

Get the tutorial at Lines Across.

What you'll need: Yellow onesie (starting at $7; .com), White felt ($10; .com), Elastic ($8; .com), Green felt ($10; .com)

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baby halloween costumes
Courtesy of Creating Really Awesome Fun Things
Cheeseburger Slider

With a a slice of cheddar, a piece of tomato, and a leaf of lettuce sandwiched between an oh-so-cute sesame seed bun, your ham-baby will be looking as fancy as the ketchup you put on your juicy cheeseburgers.

Get the tutorial at Creating Really Awesome Fun Things.

What you'll need: Tan felt ($14; .com), Assorted felt colors including beige, yellow, red, and green ($15; .com), Pillow filling ($13; .com), Brown onesie (starting at $6; .com)

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