15 Heartwarming Christian Movies on Netflix Right Now

Warm fuzzies, coming right up!

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So you're in the mood for a cozy night in binging some Netflix that'll put you in a positive mood. The problem? Sometimes that's hard to find — until now. Watch one of these faith-based films with a positive message to warm your heart right up.

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Christian Movies on Netflix christian mingle
Home Theater Films
'Christian Mingle: The Movie'

Your favorite Mean Girls star Lacy Chabert stars in this movie about a woman who finds romance on — you guessed it — Christian Mingle. The problem? It's been a minute since she practiced her faith. Let the hijinks begin.

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christian movies on netflix A Question of Faith
Silver Lining Entertainment
'A Question of Faith'

This tearjerker is about three very different families whose worlds collide when they're brought together by a tragedy that affects each and every one of them. Their faith is what brings them together, and word of warning: you will cry.

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christian movies on netflix believe
Power of Three

Looking for a cozy movie that also happens to take place at Christmas? Check, check. What we have here is a down-on-his-luck business man who stops at NOTHING to make sure his town's Christmas pageant is lit in more ways than one.

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christian movies on netflix come sunday
'Come Sunday'

This Netflix original has an extremely impressive cast including Chiwetel Ejiofor, Jason Segel, and Martin Sheen. It's about a preacher's crisis of faith after he suggests that there's no such thing as hell. There's a reason why this was an official selection at Sundance.

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christian movies on netflix let the church say amen
'Let the Church Say Amen'

Regina King directed this movie about a single mom trying to fix her relationship with her dad — a preacher who balances the responsibilities of his church with his responsibility to his family.

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christian movies on netflix a cowgirl's story
Rodeo Films
'A Cowgirl's Story'

After her parents leave to serve in Afghanistan, a teenage girl named Dusty goes to live with her grandfather and starts an equestrian rodeo team with her new high school friends. Things take a turn when Dusty's mom goes missing, but everyone rallies for a heartwarming lesson in community values.

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christian movies on netflix once i was a beehive
Main Dog Productions
'Once I Was a Beehive'

Ever get forced to go to church camp and then have it turn out to be a great, enriching experience where you made lifelong friends? Then this movie is for you — yes, you!

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christian movies on netflix the unmiracle
Andrew Papke
'The Unmiracle'

All you really need to know is that this movie stars Hailey Baldwin's dad (sorry, Hailey Bieber's dad) Stephen Baldwin. But in case you want a little more info, it's about a town's turn to faith when one of its residents unexpectedly dies of an overdose.

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christian movies on netflix the case for christ
Triple Horse Studios
'The Case for Christ'

Ever questioned whether or not God exists? The creator of this documentary is right there with you, and he spends two years investigating the topic. Spoiler alert: He starts off as a self-declared atheist, but has a much more complex outlook by the end of the film.

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christian movies on netflix mountain top
Level Path Productions
'Mountain Top'

This is a courtroom drama crossed with a spiritual drama, about a lawyer-turned-pastor who helps a man accused of embezzling money from his church. Your heart will be nice and toasty by the end.

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christian movies on netflix the star
Affirm Films
'The Star'

It's the animated version of the nativity story you never knew you needed — only this time it's told through the perspective of a bunch of furry and adorable animals.

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christian movies on netflix joseph king of dreams
DreamWorks Pictures
'Joseph: King of Dreams'

In case The Star isn't doing it for you, here's another animated bible-based movie. This one tells the story of Joseph, who has the unique ability to interpret dreams.

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christian movies on netflix my daddy is in heaven
12 Helpful Hands Productions
'My Daddy Is in Heaven'

This emotional movie is about a woman's crisis of faith after her husband suddenly dies and she's tasked with raising their daughter all by herself. Based on a true story, this one is particularly inspiring.

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christian movies on netflix I'm in Love with a Church Girl
RGM NewBreed
'I'm in Love with a Church Girl'

They say opposites attract right? Right. Well, this movie is about a drug dealer who falls for a super religious church-going girl. Let's just say things get complicated.

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christian movies on netflix The Preacher's Son
Tri Destined Studios
'The Preacher's Son'

You know what's not ideal for a preacher? To have all your family's dirty laundry aired in public — which is exactly what happens in this movie. But to quote the film's tagline, "in the end, faith and family are all we have."

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