20 Christian Christmas Movies to Watch This Year

It's the reason for the season, after all.

christian christmas movies

'Tis the season to curl up in front of a roaring fire with your family and throw on a holiday movie. But if you want to remind the kids what the holidays are really about, fire up one of these flicks that are filled with important lessons and good Christian values.

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christian christmas movies 'The Preacher's Wife'
'The Preacher's Wife'

You know that feeling when you're visited by an angel and they has tons of great advice, but all you can think about is how the angel is totally trying to make a play for your wife? That's the plot of this highly charming movie.

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christian christmas movies 'The Star'
Columbia Pictures
'The Star'

Think "The Greatest Story Ever Told" (a.k.a. the Nativity story), and add in some friendly camels and a cute donkey named Bo. This one is obviously great for kids, and is about a team of animals who end up having an accidental *starring* role in Jesus' birth story.

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christian christmas movies 'A Christmas Carol'
'A Christmas Carol'

If you watch one movie this Christmas, make it A Christmas Carol. This film is all about finding the true meaning of Christmas, and most importantly teaches us to be generous and giving to those who might not have as much as we do. In the words of Tiny Tim, God bless us, everyone!

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christian christmas movies 'It's a Wonderful Life'
Liberty Films
'It's a Wonderful Life'

Wait, I take it back — if you watch one movie, let it be It's a Wonderful Life, which is about a man who's about to give up everything when an angel comes down from heaven and encourages him get his priorities in order — just in time for Christmas. It's a classic for a reason.

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christian christmas movies 'Black Nativity'
Bob Industries
'Black Nativity'

Another movie about finding faith and family, Black Nativity focuses on a kid who ditches his single mom for Christmas in order to spend it with some relatives (including a strict reverend and his wife) in New York City. He learns all kinds of life lessons along the way, and so will you.

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christian christmas movies the note
Faith and Values Media
'The Note'

Not to be confused with The Notebook, The Note is an admittedly slightly cheesy movie (never change, Hallmark!) about a woman who travels all the way across the country just to deliver a note to someone after she finds it washed ashore on a beach. The Christmas vibes are strong, as are the romance vibes, and the do-the-right-thing vibes.

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christian christmas movies 'The Heart of Christmas'
God and Country Entertainment
'The Heart of Christmas'

Prepare yourself: It's hard to get through this movie without crying. The Heart of Christmas is about a little boy named Dax who has cancer — so his family comes together in October and celebrates the holiday season early just to give him one last Christmas.

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christian christmas movies 'Holiday Inn'
Paramount Pictures
'Holiday Inn'

If you love White Christmas, may we present Holiday Inn, a highly cozy musical Christmas film (starring all the greats!) about not just a love triangle — but a love square. Romance is in the air in this film, but it was made in the '40s so consider it certified family-friendly.

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christian christmas movies 'Angels in the Snow'
'Angels in the Snow'

What happens when you're in a fight with your S.O. and then all of a sudden a blizzard forces you to spend time with a random family at Christmas? You learn all kinds of important life lessons, and realize that petty fighting is so NOT what the holidays are about, that's what!

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christian christmas movies 'The Christmas Shoes'
Nova Scotia Films
'The Christmas Shoes'

First of all, this movie stars Rob Lowe, so enough said. But it also happens to tell multiple Christmas stories that interlace (Love Actually-style), and revolve around one very important pair of shoes. No spoilers, just watch it.

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christian christmas movies 'White Christmas'
Paramount Pictures
'White Christmas'

You can't get more family friendly than this one — it truly has something for everyone, from dance numbers and romance to snowy winter wonderlands and the literal song "White Christmas." (Santa) hats off to Bing Crosby.

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christian christmas movies 'The Christmas Candle'
Pinewood Studios
'The Christmas Candle'

Love yourself a Jane Austen-style English period piece? Well this one is about a minister who's determine to make his quaint English village more modern and doesn't believe the local legend than an angel grants miracles to whoever lights their traditional Christmas Candle. Oh yeah, and Susan Boyle's in it.

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christian christmas movies 'The Bells of St. Mary's'
Rainbow Productions
'The Bells of St. Mary's'

Oh look, another classic Bing Crosby Christmas movie! This one's about a Father and Sister (in the religious sense) who argue about whether or not a school called — you guessed it — St. Mary's should stay up and running. The answer is, of course it should, because it's full of Christmas spirit!

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christian christmas movies 'The Polar Express'
Warner Brothers
'The Polar Express'

This sweet kids' movie is fun for the entire family, and is essentially about a little boy who's starting to doubt that Santa exists when he ends up on an adventure-filled trip to the North Pole. The film is basically a giant metaphor for the power of belief, and it's really, really cute.

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christian christmas movies 'The Bishop's Wife'
Samuel Goldwyn Company
'The Bishop's Wife'

Already watched and loved The Preacher's Wife? Great, well it's based on The Bishop's Wife, so you'll probably love this too — especially because it stars the very dashing Cary Grant.

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christian christmas movies 'Get Santa'
Warner Bros.
'Get Santa'

What we have here is your classic "Santa runs into problems on Christmas Eve and makes friends with a random family" film — only this one stars Jim Broadbent and is even more heartwarming than usual thanks to some major father-son bonding.

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christian christmas movies 'While You Were Sleeping'
Caravan Films
'While You Were Sleeping'

Look, Miss Congeniality is great, but I'm here to argue that While You Were Sleeping is Sandra Bullock's best work of all time. The movie couldn't be more feel good, more romantic, or full of more Christmas cheer, and is all about falling in love and doing the right thing — even when it's the hard thing.

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christian christmas movies 'The Best Man Holiday'
Universal Pictures
'The Best Man Holiday'

Give a warm welcome back to the original cast of The Best Man, only now with holiday spirit. This film is equal parts hilarious hijinks and emotional heartfelt roller coaster, and while it's probably not kid-friendly (it's rated R for a reason), the values are solid.

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christian christmas movies 'The Family Man'
Universal Pictures
'The Family Man'

In the unlikely event that you haven't seen it, The Family Man is about a high power business man who only cares about money, and finds himself in an alternate reality where he has a happy family with his ex. Hmmm ... wonder which path he'll take?

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christian christmas movies nativity
BBC Films

Starring The Office's Martin Freeman, this movie is about an elementary school teacher who tries to get his students to put on a nativity play ... which naturally spirals into lovable chaos.

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