25 Binge-Worthy Christmas Movies on Netflix Right Now

Surprise: there are four new originals!

christmas movies on netflix

Winter is right around the corner, so that means it's time to grab the fuzzy socks and get streaming. With four new Netflix originals and a number of Christmas favorites added, you're guaranteed to be in the holiday spirit by the time the 25th rolls around.

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Christmas Movies on Netflix The Holiday Calendar
'The Holiday Calendar'

After receiving a mysterious Advent calendar from her grandfather, Abby soon realizes every gift she receives from it is a clue about what is going to happen to her that day. Will she land the boyfriend? What about her dream job? Tune in to find out.

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Christmas Movies on Netflix The Princess Switch
'The Princess Switch'

When a soon-to-be princess wants to see what it's like living a normal life, a nearly identical baker agrees to switch places with her for two whole days. You can probably guess that things don't exactly go according to plan.

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Christmas Movies on Netflix The Christmas Chronicles
'The Christmas Chronicles'

All brother and sister Teddy and Kate Pierce wanted for Christmas was to catch Santa Claus on camera. But when jolly old St. Nick accidentally crashes his sleigh, the siblings are right there to rescue him.

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Christmas Movies on Netflix Holiday Breakup
Holiday Breakup

Breakups are bad, but breakups around the holidays are something else — just think about how many times you'll be asked where your boyfriend is. When a young couple goes their separate ways around the holidays, they decide to pretend to be a couple to avoid dealing with family drama.

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Christmas Movies on Netflix a christmas prince
'A Christmas Prince'

Last year's viral Christmas sensation is still on Netflix and ready for you to re-watch. For those of you who missed it, the movie is about a journalist who gets assigned the royal family beat and falls for the prince of a made-up kingdom. How very Meghan Markle of her.

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Christmas Movies on Netflix A Christmas Prince
'A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding'

Everyone knows that securing the crown is only the beginning. The sequel to 'A Christmas Prince' is filled with all of the romance, politics, and drama viewers saw in the first movie. And who doesn't love a royal wedding?

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Christmas Movies on Netflix Miss Me This Christmas
Miss Me This Christmas

After filing for divorce on Thanksgiving, Regina moves into a hotel as her and Franklin go their separate ways. But when an unexpected new romance leads to a proposal, Regina must decide if she's ready to move on before her divorce to Franklin finalizes on Christmas Day.

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Christmas Movies on Netflix the nutcracker
Krasnow Productions
'The Nutcracker'

Watch the movie version of one of the New York City Ballet's most iconic performances. And bonus: you don't have to buy tickets to view this version.

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Christmas Movies on Netflix angels in the snow
MarVista Entertainment
'Angels in the Snow'

Thanks to an unexpected blizzard, a bickering couple is forced to spend Christmas with a family who actually gets along with each other. Naturally, all kinds of cozy Christmas lessons are learned as a result.

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Christmas Movies on Netflix holiday baggage
Providence Productions
'Holiday Baggage'

Kind of like Angels in the Snow, only this bickering couple is estranged and about to finalize their divorce — on one condition: That they spend the holidays together with their daughters first. Hmmm, wonder what happens?

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Christmas Movies on Netflix love actually
Universal Pictures
'Love Actually'

Rejoice, rom-com enthusiasts, Love Actually — the reigning king of holiday romance movies — is on Netflix and ready for you to watch. It's two hours of Christmas perfection that'll make you laugh, cry, and crush on Hugh Grant.

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Christmas Movies on Netflix a christmas star
'A Christmas Star'

Looking for a somewhat sappy yet endearing family movie? A Christmas Star is here for you. This film is about a little girl (named Noelle, of course) who thinks she can perform miracles and uses her gift for good despite a nasty developer who tries to ruin her holiday village vibes.

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Christmas Movies on Netflix christmas in the smokies
Imagicomm Films
'Christmas in the Smokies'

What do you do when your family's berry farm is in trouble and you happen to be beautiful and single? Why, you call your country singer ex-boyfriend to star in a local Christmas concert, and fall in love in the process, of course.

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Christmas Movies on Netflix christmas crush
Johnson Production Group
'Christmas Crush'

One week before Christmas, a woman realizes her high school reunion is going down. So naturally, she uses it as a chance to win back the guy that "got away" — and get in the holiday spirit while she's at it. We can all relate, right?

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Christmas Movies on Netflix dear santa
Nomadic Pictures
'Dear Santa'

A rich woman who discovers a "Dear Santa" letter from a little girl and, in an effort to do something giving, becomes determined to find her dad a new wife. If you love Lifetime movies, this is your holiday jam.

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Christmas Movies on Netflix white christmas
Paramount Pictures
'White Christmas'

It can't get more Christmas-y than White Christmas, the iconic Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye movie that not only gave us the best holiday song of all time, but has some seriously romantic moments — not to mention major dance scenes.

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Christmas Movies on Netflix merry kissmas
Feifer Worldwide
'Merry Kissmas'

Ah yes, the classic story of boy meets girl in an elevator at Christmas, elevator stalls, boy and girl make out, and — plot twist! — girl happens to be in a relationship with someone else. WWSD? (The "s" stands for Santa, naturally.)

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Christmas Movies on Netflix how sarah got her wings
Fancy Pants Films
'How Sarah Got Her Wings'

Sarah, a great gal who spends her life helping others, gets in a fatal accident right before Christmas and goes to heaven. But she's not on the list and only has twelve days as an angel on Earth to help someone and get into the pearly gates. What. Will. Happen?

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Christmas Movies on Netflix how the grinch stole christmas
Universal Pictures
'How the Grince Stole Christmas'

To be honest, the CGI in this movie leaves something to be desired. But it's a good one for kids and Jim Carrey doesn't disappoint as Christmas time's most famous grump.

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Christmas Movies on Netflix christmas inheritance
'Christmas Inheritance'

Ellen is about to inherit her dad's mega company, but before he'll hand over the reigns he makes her travel to their small hometown. And take one guess what happens ... yep, she learns the value of hard work and falls in love.

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Christmas Movies on Netflix a dogwalker's christmas tale
G It's Entertainment
'A Dogwalker's Christmas Tale'

This one also follows the "spoiled person meets down-to-earth person at Christmas and falls in love" trope, only now there are cute dogs for you to oooh and awwww over. Honestly, what more could you want?

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Christmas Movies on Netflix 48 christmas wishes
Brain Power Studio
'48 Christmas Wishes'

This movie's plot is perfection: two elves are sent to save the day when an entire town's letters to Santa are ruined — and they get to work making everyone's wishes come true. Cute, right? Right!

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Christmas Movies on Netflix the spirit of christmas
'The Spirit of Christmas'

All you need to know is that it's about a woman who falls in love with a ghost. At Christmas. You're welcome.

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Christmas Movies on Netflix a holiday engagement
Johnson Production Group
'A Holiday Engagement'

This hijinks-filled movie is about a woman who gets dumped right before Thanksgiving and hires an actor to play her fiancé. Go ahead and take one guess how it ends ...

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Christmas Movies on Netflix beauty and the beast
'Beauty and the Beast'

Okay, fine, this is not a Christmas movie. But there's just something about Beauty and the Beast — maybe it's the snow, maybe it's the singing — that makes it extremely cozy.

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