The 15 Best Disney Live-Action Movies to Show the Kids

'The Princess Diaries' tops the list, naturally.

Best Disney Live-Action Movies

When you think of Disney movies, like Snow White and Cinderella probably come to mind. But there's a whole world of live-action films to fangirl over — and we've rounded up the to work your way through.

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'The Princess Diaries'

Best. Live. Action. Disney. Film. Ever. Not only is The Princess Diaries the ultimate makeover movie, it turned Anne Hathaway into a household name. Bow down to the Princess of Genovia.

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best disney live action movies enchanted

Enchanted could have been so bad, but instead if was so good. Amy Adams was perfect in the role of a Disney animated princess who enters the real world, and no one could have played the evil Queen better than Susan Sarandon.

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best disney live action movies pirates of the caribbean
'Pirates of the Caribbean'

Pirates of the Caribbean is potentially one of Johnny Depp's best roles (even if the sequels were, well, garbage fires). And Orlando Bloom couldn't have been more dreamy.

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best disney live action movies enchanted
'Hocus Pocus'

Hocus Pocus is technically a Halloween movie, but it's so good it should be watched all year round. Also, hands up if you had a mysterious crush on Thackery Binx when you were a kid.

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best disney live action movies mary poppins
'Mary Poppins'

We're super pumped about the new live-action Mary Poppins movie starring Emily Blunt, but nothing beats the original film starring Julie Andrews as a stern-yet-loving nanny.

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best disney live action movies national treasure
'National Treasure'

In case you haven't had the blessed experience of watching this Nicolas Cage classic, the plot revolves around a treasure hunter on a quest to find, well, treasure.

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best disney live action movies the santa clause
'The Santa Clause'

Anyone else watch this every time the holidays roll around? The Santa Clause is unequivocally the most '90s thing ever, and stars Tim Allen as a divorced dad who accidentally turns into Santa Claus.

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best disney live action movies escape to witch mountain
'Escape to Witch Mountain'

Any Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans here? This movie stars the one and only Kim Richards, who plays the little girl in this truly iconic Disney classic. It's such a nostalgia trip it's more like a straight-up nostalgia vacation.

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best disney live action movies the parent trap
'The Parent Trap'

Controversial opinion: The Lindsay Lohan version of The Parent Trap is better than the original starring Haley Mills. Lindsay is legendary in this role. That "British" accent, though.

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best disney live action movies freaky friday
'Freaky Friday'

Anyone who doesn't think the Lindsay Lohan remake of Freaky Friday should be on this list should probably re-watch the film, and soon you'll be petitioning to have LiLo remake all Disney classics.

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best disney live action movies tuck everlasting
'Tuck Everlasting'

Tuck Everlasting is a sweet and romantic film, and one that doesn't get nearly enough attention. Rory Gilmore — sorry, Alexis Bledel — is charming as an imaginative young woman who falls in love with a guy who's been blessed with eternal youth.

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best disney live action movies homeward bound
'Homeward Bound'

If you can get through the entirety of Homeward Bound without weeping hysterically then you deserve some kind of award. Nothing has ever been more pure in this world than the bond between Shadow, Sassy, and Chance.

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best disney live action movies life-size

Life-Size (co-starring inventor of the "Smize" Tyra Banks) is a true classic about about a girl whose doll comes to life. Apparently, Life-Size 2 is coming at us in December 2018, so prepare accordingly.

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best disney live action movies remember the titans
'Remember the Titans'

Remember the Titans is one of the more poignant films on this list, about a high school football team in Virginia that deals with racial tension when a black head coach (played by Denzel Washington) is hired.

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best disney live action movies honey i shrunk the kids
'Honey I Shrunk the Kids'

Remember when you first watched Honey, I Shrunk the Kids and thought the special effects were completely mind-blowing? Yeah, they don't hold up so much. But the movie itself definitely does — making it a classic Disney film.

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