The 25 Best Kids Movies on Netflix Right Now

Grab the popcorn.

Kids Movies on Netflix
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Columbia Pictures

When winter calls for a family movie night, Netflix has your back. These are the best kid-friendly options currently streaming on the service — all you have to do is wrangle up your children, make some hot cocoa, and press play.

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Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures A Wrinkle in Time
Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
'A Wrinkle in Time'

After discovering a new planet five years ago, Mr. Murry left his kids behind to explore. Meg Murry and her little brother Charles Wallace decide that it's time to get their father back. Your children will be in awe of these two and the other astral travelers who join them to find this new mysterious planet.

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Kids Movies on Netflix Coraline
Courtesy of Alliance

into a new home can be overwhelming, but for little Coraline, her new apartment complex is unlike any other. Despite warnings from her neighbor, curious Coraline opens a hidden door in her new home and discovers a parallel universe.

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Kids Movies on Netflix Shrek
Courtesy of DreamWorks Distribution

This big green ogre lived a peaceful life by himself until Lord Farquaad banished all of the fairytale creatures to his swamp. Determined to kick them out, Shrek cuts a deal with the Lord to rescue Princess Fiona from a tower and safely deliver her to him — but not everything goes as planned.

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Kids Movies on Netflix Ella Enchanted
Courtesy of Miramax
'Ella Enchanted'

Little Ella has lived her whole life with a special gift of obedience. At first a blessing, things took a turn for the worse when Ella's mother died, causing her to be at the command of evil Dame Olga. Watch Ella travel far and wide to find the fairy godmother who gifted her this special power, so that she can be free forever.

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Kids Movies on Netflix TinkerBell and the Pirate Fairy
Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment
'The Pirate Fairy'

When their fairy friend fled Pixie Hollow to join Pirates led by mischievous Captain Hook, TinkerBell and her friends set out to rescue her.

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Kids Movies on Netflix New Emperor's New Groove
Buena Vista Pictures
'The New Emperor's New Groove'

Emperor Kuzco is in for a rude awakening when his lavish life comes to a pause after he's turned into a llama. While stranded in the jungle, Kuzco befriends a peasant named Pacha, and the two fight for Kuzco's return to the throne.

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Kids Movies on Netflix Sing
Universal Pictures

A theatre faces permanent foreclosure, and Koala Buster Moon has one final chance to restore it anew. He sets out to arrange the world's best singing competition in which a mouse, elephant, pig, porcupine, and gorilla take the stage.

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benji kids movies on netflix
Courtesy of Netflix

Two young kids become friends with an orphaned puppy named Benji. When the boy get kidnapped, it's up to Benji and his small sidekick to save them.

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bee movie kids movies on netflix
Courtesy of Paramount Pictures
'Bee Movie'

Barry the Bee flies outside of his hive for the very first time and breaks a cardinal rule of his species: Talking to humans. But he learns that humans have been eating honey for centuries, which inspires Barry to follow his true calling — obtaining justice for bees by suing humanity for the theft of honey.

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coco kids movies on netflix
Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures

Miguel dreams of becoming a musician, but his family has banned music for as long as he can remember. So Miguel goes to the colorful Land of the Dead, where he meets a trickster named Héctor and discovers the truth about his family.

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peter rabbit kids movies on netflix
Courtesy of Sony Pictures Releasing
'Peter Rabbit'

Peter Rabbit and his three sisters — Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cotton Tail — live in Mr. McGregor's vegetable garden. But when Mr. McGregor's son moves in, he wants the rabbits gone. A battle of wits ensues as the new owner tries scheme after scheme to get rid of Peter & Co., only to be bested by his wily opponents each time.

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hercules kids movies on netflix
Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures

As a baby, Hercules was snatched by Hades and sent to live among humans as a half-man, half-god. Now a teenager, Hercules must prove himself worthy of living with the gods on Mount Olympus by using his strength to defeat many evil creatures, including Hades himself.

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emoji movie kids movies on netflix
Courtesy of Columbia Pictures
'The Emoji Movie'

Textopolis is the home of all emojis, and every emoji has just one expression — except for Gene. Wanting to be like the other emojis, Gene travels through apps with his friend Hi-5 to find a "cure," only to discover there's danger threatening Textopolis' existence.

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moana kids movies on netflix
Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures

Moana is a young Polynesian girl destined to be her island's chief when she sets out on an adventure to save her people. Along the way she meets the demigod Maui, and together they sail across the ocean and defeat monsters as Moana fulfills the quest of her ancestors.

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captain underpants kids movies on netflix
Courtesy of 20th Century Fox
Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

George and Harold love to spend their time creating comic books in their beloved treehouse. So when their mean principal threatens to put the two best friends into different classes, the duo accidentally hypnotizes him into thinking that he is a superhero named Captain Underpants. Now they must figure out how to return him back to his normal state.

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mulan kids movies on netflix
Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures

Mulan is a woman in China, where there are strict rules against females entering the military. Fearful her ailing father will be drafted, Mulan ignores the rules, cuts her hair, and pretends to be a man to take his place. Followed by her silly dragon sidekick, Mushu, Mulan works with the the Chinese Army to fight the Hun invasion, but things get tricky when she starts to fall in love with a fellow soldier.

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trolls kids movies on netflix
Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

The mean Bergens have invaded Troll Village, so Poppy (the happiest Troll ever) and Branch (who's always extremely careful) team up to find her friends. Once they set out on the adventure, they realize that saving Poppy's friends may not be the biggest obstacle — tolerating each other might be.

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cars 3 kids movies on netflix
Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures
Cars 3

Lightning McQueen was once the fastest car in the racing game, but a new generation of cars has arrived and he's feeling old. Enlisting the help of technician Cruz Ramirez, the two team up to see if McQueen can win it all in the Piston Cup.

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boss baby kids movies on netflix
Courtesy of 20th Century Fox
The Boss Baby

Tim, a 7-year-old boy, tells the story of when Boss Baby arrived at his home in a suit and carrying a briefcase. He and his new sibling butt heads, but Tim soon realizes that Boss Baby is actually a spy on a secret mission. Will he help him complete the job?

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tarzan kids movies on netflix
Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures

Tarzan grew up in the African jungle, raised by gorillas after his parents were tragically killed by a jaguar. When a British expedition comes to explore the jungle, a now-adult Tarzan meets Jane and realizes that he's not actually a gorilla, but human. The two fall in love, and Tarzan must decide whether to stay with his gorilla family or try to become fully human with Jane.

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bolt kids movies on netflix
Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures

Bolt is a dog with some amazing superpowers — until the cameras stop rolling. But he doesn't know that he's on a TV show, and believing his talents are real, Bolt sets off on a big adventure to find his owner after accidentally being shipped from a Hollywood soundstage to the mean streets of New York.

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beauty and the beast kids movies on netflix
Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures
Beauty and the Beast

A prince is cursed by an evil witch to live as an ugly beast until he finds true love. Years later, he captures Belle in his castle. The clockmaker's daughter falls in love with his enchanted servants, but only time will tell if she's able to fall in love with the Beast too.

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chicken little kids movies on netflix
Courtesy of Buena Vista Pictures Distribution
Chicken Little

A small Chicken Little claims he was hit by a piece of the sky, which sends his entire town into a panic because the sky must be falling. When the town no longer believes him, Chicken Little tries to redeem himself by joining the baseball team, only to find out that night that the falling sky was actually a UFO. Now he must convince everyone that an alien invasion is on the horizon before it's too late.

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kung fu panda kids movies on netflix
Courtesy of Paramount Pictures
Kung Fu Panda

All Po wants is to become a kung fu legend, yet there's one major problem: He may just be the laziest panda in town. But when the evil snow leopard threatens Po's home, the panda must defend his town from the attack. Can Master Shifu train Po to be the best kung fu legend in time?

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smurfs kids movies on netflix
Courtesy of Sony Pictures Releasing
Smurfs: The Lost Village

Smurfette, Clumsy, and Hefty have a special map that guides them through the Forbidden Forest, which is filled with magical beings. The trio must find a mysterious village before the evil wizard Gargamel does, but their wild adventure leads to the Smurfs discovering the biggest secret in Smurf history.

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