The 19 Funniest Letters Kids Have Ever Written to Santa

Santa certainly has his work cut out for him.

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Writing the perfect letter to Santa Claus is important business, but these kids took the task to the next level. Get your funny bone ready for these hilarious notes to St. Nick.

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1 "Why do you bring us presents anyway?"

We love "old fashend stuf" and "surprises" too, kid.

2 "I am SO sorry."

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Uh oh...

3 Make It a Movie Night

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Is this his way of saying he wants a dog like Snoopy?

4 "Is there anything the elves can't make?"

We have to say, throwing in some ice cream to sweeten the deal is smart.

5 Clearing Up Any Confusion

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It always help to have a visual.

6 Selfless Sweetie

We'd also love a cake filled with rainbows and smiles, please.

7 Cutting to the Chase

Enough with the chit chat, can I get that fairy now?

8 Respect

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Mrs. Claus definitely does not get the respect she deserves, and this little boy knows that.

9 Don't Forget the Elves

Because Santa would be nothing without his elves.

10 "I fell off my bike. Please bring me a lot."

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Poor girl. Bring her a lot, Santa!

11 "I like presents."

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Who doesn't, right?!

12 Not-So-Picky

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This kid is making Santa's job easy this year!

13 Just Checking In

We hope they're feeling well, too.

14 True Believer

Your move, Santa.

15 Wild Request

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Santa may want to look into .

16 Never Stop Believing

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Cookies AND candy?! Someone's trying to suck up to Santa.

17 "I did not succeed."

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At least she was honest!

18 There's Always Next Year

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The new year is a new opportunity to impress Santa.

19 "You can give me toys or you can give me coal."

At least he's willing to take the coal.

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