You Probably Never Noticed This Hilarious "Friends" Scene Where Chandler Nearly Loses It Laughing

But Maggie Wheeler, who plays Janice, revealed how they were almost in stitches.

Following the chat Cosmopolitan UK had with Maggie Wheeler a.k.a. Janice from Friends this week, we can confirm that the legendary sitcom really was as much fun to film as it looks.

During the interview, Wheeler was quick to point out that there was a scene where you can see Matthew Perry, who played Chandler, almost fail to keep it together.

In the season 3 episode, The One With the Giant Poking Device, Chandler finds out his girlfriend Janice had been seeing her ex-husband again. "Chandler discovers that I've been fooling around with my ex-husband and I'm breathing into a paper bag," Wheeler recalled. "I'm hyperventilating and we had rehearsed it many times, and every time he would just grab the bag gently and the air would just exit it."

But on show night, when they filmed the scene in front of the live audience, it didn't quite work out like that. "The adrenalin was pumping and we were in the middle of the scene," she explained, "and he was like 'do you love him?' — yes — 'do you love me?' — yes — and he just grabbed the bag with more force than he had in any rehearsal and it popped. By the grace of God I was able to hide my face in the bag, but you can see if you look at it, he almost cracks up."

"We did not expect it, it was just a total surprise."

Naturally, the first thing I did was go and watch the scene and she's totally right, watch from about one minute 10 seconds and you'll see. He so nearly cracks.

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