Everything We Know About ‘Dance Moms’ Season 8 So Far

Abby Lee Miller is going back to her roots.

dance moms season 8 - abby lee miller

Dance Moms is back — well, almost. After more than a year off the air, Dance Moms season 8 will be airing this summer, which is a welcome surprise for tried-and-true fans who thought the seventh season was the show's last.

But fear not because the ALDC era is far from over. Even as the real-life drama of leading lady and controversial choreographer Abby Lee Miller unfolds in the media, the show is attempting to return to its former dance championship-level glory. Last season, after struggling through Miller’s court battle, impending jail time, and deteriorating health issues, some people were surprised the cameras kept rolling as long as they did. But like any hopeful dancer who got knocked to the bottom of the pyramid, the show is back for a few more fouettes, fierce competition, and, of course, drama. Dance Moms, we’re ready for your resurrection.

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When does Dance Moms season 8 premiere?

Episode one's air date is approaching fast. Miller announced that Dance Moms season 8 began filming in late January. It will premiere on Lifetime on Tuesday, June 4, 2019.

Who is returning for Dance Moms season 8?

If you've been watching since Maddie Ziegler made her debut in 2011, you might be sad to hear that none of the OG ladies will be taking part in Dance Moms: Resurrection. Many of the now-teens have went on to capitalize on their fame in other ways. Nia released a , Maddie has starred on and Chloe Kendall and Kahlani in a dance tour called “The Irreplaceables Tour.”

In a Miller posted to her Instagram, it looks like the all-new team will include a super talented young boy, plus six new fresh-faced kiddos that will round out the weekly dance competition participants.

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Learn more about the on Lifetime's website.

Where does Dance Moms season 8 pick up?

It’s been well over a year since the last episode of Dance Moms was filmed. In that time, , though she was released early. She subsequently went on to open up about an ongoing battle with a rare form of cancer that’s left her in a wheelchair. Yet in true Miller fashion, she’s determined that the show must go on — even just for her own good.

“I need to get back to teaching, and I need to get back to screaming at kids,” she says cheekily in the show’s new trailer.

Sure enough, the 52-year-old reality star will lead her brand-new crew back to her “roots” — a.k.a the original Abby Lee Dance Center in Pittsburgh, PA. Since the last three seasons have taken place in Los Angeles, the cement brick walls of the old ALDC will be a welcomed comeback. Plus, this means that longtime choreographer Gianna Martello is likely to return and work with the new team.

Will any of the original cast members return to Dance Moms?

Although you won’t be seeing Maddie Zeigler, Chloe Lukasiak, or Nia Sioux this season, there may be an appearance or two from breakout star Jojo Siwa, the precocious, bow-clad blond dancer from seasons 5 and 6 whose social media shows she’s kept in with Miller during her health struggles, even visiting her in the hospital.

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And since Jojo wasn’t a part of the dance team in season 7, but still showed up in a few episodes as a guest, we’re not counting her out of the Resurrection season.

Why does the show have a new name?

Dance Moms season 8 comes with a new name: Dance Moms: Resurrection. And the reasons that aren’t too hard to speculate.

“There’s people that counted me out...” the Miller says says to the newest group of tiny wannabe pro-dancers in the show’s teaser trailer. “...thought I was finished, considered the ALDC dead. Well, I fought to be here, and you’ll have to fight too."

Watch the Dance Moms season 8 trailer:

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