Ellen DeGeneres Is Turning 60, and People Refuse to Believe It

She looks incredible!

Ellen DeGeneres is about to celebrate a big birthday: On January 26, the talk-show host will celebrate turning 60 years old. And, for some reason, that fact surprised the entire Internet this week.

DeGeneres noted on her Twitter account that she was about to celebrate a hallmark birthday:

I can’t believe I’m going to be 60 this week! I love rating your babies but this week I want to rate the 60 year olds in your life. #EllenRateMy60YearOld pic..com/zHwNEC1CTD

— Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow) January 20, 2018

The reactions were mostly of shock and disbelief. Mostly people commented that she has aged very well, and looks far younger than 60, which is definitely true. There's nothing wrong with looking your age, but DeGeneres projects a youthful sense of fun and playfulness that shines through. If we all started every workday dancing, we'd all be better off.

Ellen Degeneres is turning 60 this week and I am shook. Like I cannot be the only one who thought she was maybe 45 all this time.......

— TT (@tbensss) January 20, 2018

ellen degeneres turning 60 in 4 days is the biggest lie I have ever heard LOOK AT THIS CHILD pic..com/puVSjwObTc

— ᴡᴇɴᴅʏ ᴄᴀʀʀ’s ʙɪᴛᴄʜ | NFR (@raulson_) January 22, 2018

Going to warn you, you need to be sitting down for this one. Ready? Ellen turns 60 this week. You heard that right, Ellen is friggin 60 years old, and I’m totally shook about that! pic..com/qlZgSShw8J

— Mike Sington (@MikeSington) January 23, 2018

60?! Ellen looks about 14. https://t.co/PmJepVcJOU

— JaackMaate (@Jaack) January 21, 2018

have been sat in shock for about five minutes since finding out that ellen degeneres turns 60 this week?!! pic..com/D5sptLj0LC

— KTB (@katiebevano) January 21, 2018

Other fans note that they feel like she's been a part of their lives forever, and has a sort of ageless quality to her because of that. Part of the shock might be DeGeneres' longevity in the entertainment world. After all, when your favorite stars get older, that means you're getting older, too! And that can be hard to believe.

DeGeneres has opened up about aging in her campaign for CoverGirl. "Nothing makes you look younger than a smile, and being happy," she said. "If you look at babies, they're always smiling and laughing, and their skin is flawless."

Because we're not all blessed with the skin, and sense of humor, that she is, we may be left to other alternatives to staying youthful. So if DeGeneres decides to launch an anti-wrinkle skincare line, it would sell out in seconds.

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