The Internet Is Going Crazy for These Troll Hats

These are PERFECT for Halloween!


The mom behind Etsy's Little Duckie Boutique has been making Trolls-inspired crochet hats, and they're taking theinternet by storm. Shortly after seller Kira Taylor released her newest batch of characters on September 12, they were gone. But why? Well, take a look:

They're downright adorable! Due to setbacks caused by Hurricane Irma, the release only included four out of the six hats pictured above. But it's safe to say she still nailed it (after all, they sold out quite fast).

There's the ever-popular Princess Poppy:

Courtesy of Etsy/ LittleDuckieBoutique

Harper — though she's a minor character, her hair would beg to differ:

Courtesy of Etsy/ LittleDuckieBoutique

The disgruntled Branch (who finds his inner-Troll after all):

Courtesy of Etsy/ LittleDuckieBoutique

And the pint-sized Smidge!

Courtesy of Etsy/ LittleDuckieBoutique

The crocheted cuties are sold out, but there is good news. Tonight at 9 p.m. Little Duckie Boutique is revealing a new hat as well as t-shirts influenced by the Trolls franchise. The mom behind it wants those eager for Princess Poppy and friends to know only certain shipments will be available (sadly, this excludes Smidge).

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My next release will be on Friday September 22 @ 9pm EASTERN time. There will be limited quantities, so they will sell out quickly. Once they've sold out, I will not take more orders until my next release, which will probably be within 1-2 weeks after. You will purchase through my Etsy page. With my last release, I had people complaining it was in their cart when Etsy said "sold out". I'm not sure why this happens. I have no control over this problem, so I am apologizing in advance, because it will probably happen again. These hats are completely handmade by me. I'm making as many as I can, but as I've started before, being a mother is my priority. I love to create these hats and I love to share my creations with others. I plan to release my pattern at the end of the month. I am not shipping outside the United States. Poppy, Guy Diamond, DJ Suki, Harper, and Branch will be available this week. No Smidge this week. Thank you.

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Trolls shirts also releasing on Friday at 9pm Eastern time. Trolls have been in high demand and will sell out quickly! If you have the item in your cart, but it sells out, I'm very sorry. Etsy doesn't save something because it is in your cart, it only saves it once payment has been received. There will be limited quantities. I am not shipping outside the United States. Items will ship 1-2 weeks after ordering. All items are handmade.

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Be sure to order soon so your little one is all set for Halloween. If you can't wait, or if you want other options, here are a few Etsy vendors you can order from now (though do it fast because we're sure these are just as popular).

Courtesy of Etsy/TheSpunkyOnion

BUY NOW: from $34, TheSpunkyOnion

Courtesy of Etsy/thelivelymoose

BUY NOW: from $30, thelivelymoose

Courtesy of Etsy/JenasJems

BUY NOW: from $25, JenasJems

We can't handle the cuteness!

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