The Un-Holiday Weekend

WD's copy director (a.k.a. chief wordsmith) shares her Friday-afternoon insights about life after 40.

Are you going away for the Fourth of July? If you are, you'll most likely be driving, along with 35 million other Americans, says the American Automobile Association. And I will not be in the car next to yours on the highway.

I don't know—maybe it's because the Fourth falls on a Wednesday this year? Sure, you can take two vacation days before or two days after to stretch it out, but it's still not a "real" three-day weekend, and somehow that's wrecked my motivation.

By now you over-40s have seen plenty of long holiday weekends. No doubt you have lots of good memories, and with luck, you'll get to make lots more. But haven't there been times when you wanted to under-celebrate? To laze around at home with a stack of DVDs or paperbacks (or worse, TiVo), snacking when you feel like it? Grabbing a lawn chair and (gasp) taking a midday nap?

I know it seems like heresy to just blow off the Fourth of July. As Americans, we have a sense that this is the biggie, and we need to be out there wearing red, white and blue and setting things on fire, whether they be sparklers or burgers 'n' dogs. But being over 40 means we get to rewrite some of the old rules, and sometimes we need to ask ourselves if we really don't just want to relax.

I asked myself, and here's what I came up with:

    What are you doing for the Fourth? What would you add to my Lazy List? Let us know in Comments.


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