Hatchimal Season 4 CollEGGtibles Are 70% Off on Amazon Right Now

In case you're still in need of some fun stocking stuffers.

Hatchimal Season 4 CollEGGtibles Are as Low as $4 On Amazon Today

Just when you swore you'd never buy another tiny Hatchimal again, Amazon had to go and put the tiny collectibles on major sale.

Today only, are up to 70% off as part of , meaning you can stock up on a 2-pack for as low as $4.

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles

Each pack comes with a variety of tiny eggs ranging from common to super rare. Of course, you won't know what you have in your pack until they hatch, so it's super addicting to try to collect them all (but you already knew that).

The and the are also discounted.

If Hatchimals, aren't the itty, bitty toy your child is after, other popular brands are on sale right now, too. You can find 30% off , up to 60% off , and for just $6 as part of Amazon's deals.

With any collectibles, the notes that it's important to follow the age recommendations of these toys and to be mindful if you have younger children around as they may pose a choking hazard.

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