20 Beautiful Easter Wreaths That Welcome Spring into Your Home

Now the Easter bunny will know exactly where to leave the candy.

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TwistedPineWreaths, Tried and True

Give your home a fresh spring makeover by hanging one of these beautiful embellishments on your front door. From pastel-colored blooms, to fabric Easter eggs, to candy-coated holiday wreaths, your guests are sure to feel welcomed into your home and the new season.

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Courtesy of EverBloomingOriginal
Easter Bunny Wreath
EverBloomingOriginal etsy.com

The Easter bunny won't skip over your home when he sees this hare-shaped wreath hanging on your front door.

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Easter wreath - Easter Pom Pom Wreath
Courtesy of Lil' Luna
Easter Pom Pom Wreath

Welcome the Easter bunny into your home with this adorable fluffy pom pom-covered spring wreath.

Get the tutorial at .

What you'll need: Baker’s Twine ($6, )

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Courtesy of RenAleeAccessories
Easter Egg and Flowers Wreath
RenAleeAccessories etsy.com

Your guaranteed to impress your guests with this elegant wreath strung with faux pink and coral roses.

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Easter wreath - spring carrot wreath
Courtesy of The 36th Avenue
Easter Carrot Wreath

You can pull this adorable Easter gingham ribbon wreath together in less than an hour — it's that easy!

Get the tutorial at .

What you'll need: Gingham ribbon ($13, )

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Small Blue Easter Egg Wreath
RidgewoodDesignsCo etsy.com

This Easter wreath will make your home look straight out of a scene from Breakfast at Tiffany's.

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Easter wreath - floral bunny wreath
Courtesy of Sprinkle Some Fun
Floral Bunny Wreath

Create a floral bunny that will look charming inside or outside your home with this easy tutorial.

Get the tutorial at .

What you'll need: Grapevine wreaths ($10 for 6 wreaths, )

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A HolidayShoppe
Moss Bunny Wreath
AHolidayShoppe etsy.com

This moss-covered bunny wreath subtly welcomes spring from your front door.

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gold speckled easter egg wreath
Courtesy of Crafts Unleashed
Gold-Speckled Easter Egg Wreath

The gold leaf detail gives this Easter wreath some extra pizzazz.

Get the tutorial at .

What you'll need: Gold leaf foil ($8 for 100 sheets, )

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Cotton Easter Bunny Wreath
AnnabelleEveDesigns etsy.com

When the kids see this cotton-tailed wreath, they'll know candy is on the way.

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Easter wreath - rainbow bunny peeps wreath
Courtesy of Tried and True
Rainbow Bunny Peeps Wreath

Use everyone's favorite Easter treat to make this festive ring. Bonus: It costs next-to-nothing to craft.

Get the tutorial at .

What you'll need: Peep's ($20 for 5 packs, )

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Easter Bunny Wreath
TwistedPineWreaths etsy.com

With eggs, a bunny, and fresh spring greens, this Easter wreath has all of the elements of the holiday. 

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Easter wreath - easy fabric egg wreath
Courtesy of Michael Miller Fabrics
Easy Fabric Egg Wreath

Save money by using leftover fabric scraps you already have.

Get the tutorial at .

What you'll need: Styrofoam balls ($8 for 20 balls, )

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Pier 1
Carrot Wood Curl Wreath

Warning: The Easter bunny just might take a bite of this carrot "wreath."

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Easter wreath - Spring Garden Hose Wreath
Courtesy of Create Craft Love
Spring Garden Hose Wreath

Don't throw a broken hose away! Use it to make this cute accessory for your front door instead.

Get the tutorial at .

What you'll need: Silk flowers ($10 for 30 flowers, )

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Easter wreath - dollar store forsythia wreath
Courtesy of The Happy Housie
Dollar Store Forsythia Wreath

Dollar-store crafts are the best kind of crafts!

Get the tutorial at .

What you'll need: Faux forsythia branches ($21 for 10 pieces, )

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Easter wreath - spring tulip wreath
Courtesy of The Frugal Homemaker
Spring Tulip Wreath

Greet your guests on Easter with lush, colorful tulips.

Get the tutorial at .

What you'll need: Ribbon ($9, )

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Easter wreath - Spring Grass Wreath
Courtesy of A Helicopter Mom
Spring Grass Wreath

Unlike fresh blooms, this faux flower and grass wreath will look lush all season long.

Get the tutorial at .

What you'll need: Green eyelash yarn fun fur ($9, )

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scrap fabric easter bunny wreath - Easter wreath
Courtesy of Giggleberry Creations
Scrap Fabric Easter Bunny Wreath

Make this adorable piece at home by using leftover pieces of fabric and a couple of wire hangers.

Get the tutorial at .

What you'll need: Wire hangers ($8 for 6 hangers, )

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easter egg wreath - easter wreaths
Courtesy of Wine and Glue
Easter Egg Wreath

Customize this cute Easter wreath with whatever colors you please.

Get the tutorial at .

What you'll need: Embroidery floss ($14 for 150 skeins, )

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Easter wreath - easter bunny in grass wreath
Courtesy of The Happy Housie
Easter Bunny in Grass Wreath

Burlap ribbon and fuzzy, green yarn give this wreath plenty of eye-catching texture.

Get the tutorial at .

What you'll need: Mini foam eggs ($17, )

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diy easter wreaths
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