52 Easy Egg Decorating Ideas to Get You Egg-cited for Easter

Go beyond the traditional dyed eggs with these truly creative Easter egg ideas.

easter egg ideas
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Though we'll always love the classic method of dyeing eggs, there are so many creative Easter egg decorating ideas to try. Get the whole family in on these these fun Easter crafts, including watercolor eggs, metallic eggs, and Easter eggs inspired by food, animals, and more. And when you're finished, hop on over to our best Easter egg hunt ideas and great recipes for leftover hard boiled eggs!

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easter egg craft ideas
Con Poulos
Sparkling Easter Designs

Lovely Unicorn: Paint a wooden egg white; let dry. Draw on face. Cut a mane from faux-fur trim, color in an egg dye bath, and attach (once dry) with fabric glue. Use templates to make felt ears and a gold paper horn; assemble and glue to egg. Wrap a 3 x 1/8-in. strip of gold paper around horn; secure with glue. Glue star confetti to cheek and hair.

Shiny Silhouette: Use the templates to carefully cut a chick or bunny from a foil candy wrapper. Adhere to dyed egg with Mod Podge. Use a damp cotton swab to gently wipe clean the foil shape; let dry.

Dazzling Glitter Egg: Try this trick on basic plastic eggs: Lightly sand the outside, brush on glue, cover in glitter, and let dry.

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easter egg craft ideas
Con Poulos
Color Easter Characters

Best dressed: Draw a face and hair on a ceramic egg. Wrap the bottom third of egg in thick yarn (tip: work from the middle down) and secure by brushing on white craft glue in sections. Create details like collars, bows, and buttons with felt and beads.

Dashing Design Egg: Follow tradition and dye your eggs first. Once dry, draw a series of short lines with a white paint marker.

Fuzzy Chick: Wrap a ceramic or wooden egg in yarn (tip: start at the top and work down) and secure by brushing on white craft glue in sections as you work. Use templates to make felt wings, feet, beak, and hair, and attach with glue. Glue on small black-bead eyes.

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bunny easter egg
Con Poulos
Whimsical Bunny

Decorate a painted egg with soft, furry ears and a floral crown. Paint a wooden egg, let dry, then add a spotted belly with white paint. Draw on a face. Use template to make ears from felt and faux-fur trim. Sandwich wire between ear pieces, then bend back the bottom 1/4 in. and use to glue in place. Glue small faux flowers around ears.

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floral easter eggs
Landcruisers Staff
Floral Easter Eggs

A dyed egg can be a blank canvas for a watercolor garden. Paint small X's with dots in the centers.

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speckled easter eggs
Landcruisers Staff
Speckled Eggs

Use a toothbrush to flick watered-down acrylic paint across (dry) spray-painted plastic eggs.

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creative easter egg ideas
Con Poulos
Easter Egg Characters

Who says all your Easter eggs have to look the same? Adhere faux flower petals, buds, and leaves to colored eggs using a hot glue gun (or paint you can re-use each spring!). We used Gerbera daisies for bunny ears, hydrangeas for bird feathers, baby's breath for a lamb's coat, a lily or rose for butterfly wings, and green leaves for a carrot top. Draw faces with a marker for the cutest crew around.

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watercolor easter egg idea
Alexandra Rowley
Watercolor Easter Egg Idea

Transforming images into adhesive decals for your Easter eggs is easier than it sounds. Simply download our and print onto (you may need to select the photo paper setting on your printer). Rub with your fingers or the flat end of a wine cork to apply to eggs.

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gold leaf easter egg idea
Alexandra Rowley
Gold Leaf Eggs

To get this gorgeous gilded look, start with dyed Easter eggs. Then, using a foam brush, add splotches of glue from the . Let dry according to package instructions (the glue gets tacky when it dries). Apply the gold leaf from the kit to the sticky areas, smooth with your fingers, and use a stiff-bristled brush to sweep away any excess gold leaf.

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twine easter egg idea
Con Poulos
Twine-Wrapped Eggs

How cool is this textured twine-wrapped Easter egg idea? Adhere twine to one end of a ceramic egg with a glue stick, then apply glue and tightly wind the twine, working in sections, until you've completely covered the surface.

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ombre easter egg idea
Charles Masters
Ombré Easter Eggs

All it takes is a little extra time to dye these awesome ombre Easter eggs. First, mix your choice of colors using 1/3 tsp (1/4 tsp for yellow) gel/paste food coloring, enough warm water to cover eggs, and 1 tsp white vinegar. Dip egg fully in dye and let dry. Dip the egg again 3/4 of the way into the dye and let dry. Repeat in quarterly increments.

Optional: You can also start by leaving the tip of the egg white. To create a multicolor gradation, start with one color and dip in quarterly increments. At the half mark, begin dipping by quarters in another color.

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unicorn easter egg idea
Little Inspiration
Unicorn Easter Egg Ideas

Hop on the unicorn trend this Easter with these seriously sweet Easter eggs.

Get the tutorial at .

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burger easter eggs
Studio DIY
Burger Easter Egg Idea

This fun Easter egg idea is a clever nod to your favorite fast food.

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diy typography
Courtesy of Lovely Indeed
DIY Typography

Include a funny or sweet message on your Easter eggs this year with this easy DIY project.

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easter egg bunny
Courtesy of Urbane Jane
Easter Egg Bunnies

Don't forget to add a furry cotton ball tail on these cute Easter eggs.

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sprinkle easter eggs
Courtesy of Let's Mingle
Sprinkles Galore

This colorful pattern is sure to delight your Easter guests because who doesn't love sprinkles?

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party hat easter eggs
Courtesy of Flax & Twine
Party Time

Celebrate Easter by dressing up your eggs in these adorable party hats.

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pineapple easter eggs
Courtesy of Studio DIY
Tropical Eggs

Make your holiday table pop with the addition of these pineapple-inspired eggs.

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paint splattered easter eggs
Courtesy of Squirrelly Minds
Paint Splattered Eggs

Create mini works of art by splattering paint on eggs with these bold color combos.

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natural easter eggs
Courtesy of Joy Ever After
Neutral Eggs

Keep your eggs natural and use a white paint pen to create these simply but fantastic decorative patterns.

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Courtesy of Say Not Sweet Anne
Mosaic Patterns

The crackly effect of these eggs looks even better when you add bright spring colors.

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gold leaf easter eggs
Courtesy of Little Inspiration
Gold Leaf

These golden eggs are perfect for assembling a holiday centerpiece and they don't require too much time to make either.

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ice cream cones easter eggs
Courtesy of Kara's Party Ideas
Ice Cream Cones

Your sweet tooth will delight in seeing these adorable eggs around your home.

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feather easter eggs
Courtesy of Frugal Mom Eh!
Feather Eggs

If you are tired of the typical pastel color palette for this holiday, try adding a little feathery texture to your Easter eggs instead.

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crescent moon easter eggs
Courtesy of Paper & Stitch
Crescent Moon

This pretty pattern adds a sense of elegance to your Easter eggs.

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chocolate easter eggs
Courtesy of Sew Many Ways
Chocolate Eggs

You can reuse these "chocolate" eggs year after year because they're actually plastic eggs covered in brown spray paint.

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chick easter eggs
Courtesy of It All Started With Paint
Chick Easter Eggs

These little chicks might be the cutest Easter egg idea we've ever seen.

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carrot easter eggs
Courtesy of Hungry Happenings
Egg Carrots

If you're looking for a creative Easter treat, opt for these decorated hard-boiled eggs.

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egg heads
Alexandra Rowley
Egg Heads

1. Empty eggs by carefully cracking a small hole (about ¾" across) in the pointy end of each egg; rinse out.

2. Mom: To create a V-neck top, dip the bottom of the egg into an orange dye bath at an angle; hold very still for at least 30 seconds. Turn the egg 180 degrees, then dip it in the same way. Pat dry with a paper towel; let dry completely on a wire baking rack. Draw a scalloped design along her top with a fine-tip permanent marker, then add facial features. Insert one large flower into the top hole for hair.

3. Dad: Dip the bottom portion of the egg into a green dye bath for at least 30 seconds. Pat dry with a paper towel; let dry completely on a wire baking rack. Draw on a shirt and facial features, then add wheatgrass for hair.

4. Girl: Dip the bottom half of the egg into a purple dye bath for at least 30 seconds. Pat dry with a paper towel; let dry completely on a wire baking rack. Draw on a shirt, floral design and facial features. Add green moss for hair. Hot glue a purple ribbon bow to the top of a toothpick and insert into the top hole.

5. Dog: Dip the uncracked end of the egg into the orange dye for at least 30 seconds. Pat dry with a paper towel; let dry completely on a wire baking rack. Draw on facial features and insert leaves into the hole for a tail.

6. Display on Wood Doll Pin Stands ($3.99 for 20; ).

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Miki Duisterhof
Paper Napkin-Covered Eggs

This Easter, lend a personal touch to your decor by dressing your eggs in a paper napkin pattern that catches your eye.


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