8 DIY Easter Egg Tree Ideas for Adding a Touch of Whimsy to Your Table

Learn the history behind the tradition—then DIY your own Easter tree decorated with egg ornaments.

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Considering there are , , and even , it's no surprise that Easter egg trees are also a thing. They're exactly what they sound like (tree branches decorated with Easter eggs), but this isn't a new trend. The tradition actually goes way back. Learn the history of Easter trees, and get creative ideas for making your own. These DIY Easter tree ideas make for beautiful, easy Easter decor and are especially sweet as for your Easter brunch.

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easter egg tree saalfeld germany
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The History of Easter Trees

Just like the and the , decorating trees or plants with eggs is a custom that comes from Germany called Ostereierbaum, meaning Easter egg tree.

One man in Saalfeld, Germany, Volker Kraft, for decorating the tree in his garden with Easter eggs every year. In 2015, there were approximately 10,000 eggs hanging from its branches. That's nothing compared to the Guinness record: With 76,596 eggs, the Zoo Rostock GmbH in Rostock, Germany, holds the title of .

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swedish easter tree paskris
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The History of Easter Trees

The Swedish also have an Easter tree tradition known as and use all kinds of ornaments including Easter eggs and feathers.

Today, people all over the world create their own whimsical versions by gathering foraged branches into a vase and hanging ornaments made from dyed Easter eggs and more. Whether you have German or Swedish roots or just love the look, try one of these takes on the trend...

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diy floral easter tree
Decor 8
Floral Easter Egg Tree

Give your tree a blossoming effect when you paint pastel buds onto Easter eggs and hang from a cherry blossom branch.

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feather easter tree idea
House That Lars Built
Easter Feather Tree Idea

Pretty paper feathers are an elegant nod to the Swedish Easter tree tradition.

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diy easter tree idea
Easter Tree With Egg Nest Ornaments

We love the natural look of these Easter egg ornaments containing miniature nests with candy eggs. A simple vase filled with branches serves as the tree.

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easter tree centerpiece
Home Is Where the Heart Is
DIY Easter Tree Centerpiece

Put a twist on the tradition with a flowering centerpiece surrounded by jelly beans. Then, hide eggs among the branches.

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jelly bean easter tree
Crafty Sisters​
Jelly Bean Easter Egg Tree

Instead of full-sized Easter eggs, hot glue jelly beans to the ends of branches for a whimsical indoor Easter tree.

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easter tree idea
Kids Easter Egg Tree

This Easter tree is so easy, the kids can get involved! Fill a Mason jar with foraged or faux branches. Then, decorate hollow or plastic Easter eggs for ornaments!

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salt dough easter tree ornaments
Design Mom
Salt Dough Easter Egg Ornaments

For egg ornaments that are a little easier to store and reuse year after year, create colorful decorations with salt dough and paint.

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christmas tree decorated for easter
Between Naps on the Porch​
Christmas Tree Decorated for Easter

Of course, if you're the type who likes to keep her Christmas tree up year-round, you could also swap red and green baubles for pastel Easter egg ornaments. Bonus: The Easter bunny will have a perfect place to put the baskets—underneath!

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