18 Celebrities Who Are Passionate About Heart Health

Heart disease is a common and serious problem everywhere — even Hollywood.

celebs heart health

It goes without saying that heart health is near and dear to Dr. Oz's, well... heart. But we're not alone — there are many inspiring and outspoken celebrity advocates for , many of whom have experienced heart problems firsthand.

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queen latifah
Jeffrey Mayer
Queen Latifah

The rapper and actress has been raising heart health awareness ever since her mother was diagnosed with in 2004. Queen Latifah that becoming her mother's caregiver has strengthened their mother-daughter bond, and she'll do whatever it takes to ensure her mother has everything she needs.

"My mom has been living with heart failure for the past 10 years. I am proud of how she's been able to rise above this challenge, and am thankful that she is doing so well today," she wrote in a recent . "I also learned that as important as it is for me to take care of my mom, I also have to take care of myself."

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toni braxton
Bryan Steffy
Toni Braxton

During a performance in the Broadway show 'Aida,' singer Toni Braxton fainted. She thought it was just exhaustion, but soon found out she had , which meant the thin membrane surrounding her heart (aka pericardium) was inflamed.

"I have heart disease, and I found out about five or four years ago," Braxton in 2008. "I had to . I eat relatively well, but sometimes having those pizzas and burgers late at night — I had to change that."

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Elisabeth Rohm
Todd Williamson
Elisabeth Rohm

Actress Elisabeth Rohm is tragically familiar with heart problems: Her father had a and underwent triple bypass surgery when Rohm was just 10 years old, and both her mom and her aunt passed away from heart disease in their 60s.

"Rather than just sit there and do nothing about , I put all of that pain, sorrow and longing for my mother into helping educate and make people aware," she . "I would really like for people to not have to experience what I had to experience."

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pippa middleton
Danny Martindale
Pippa Middleton

Pippa Middleton knows all about making and shared some of her favorites in her new cookbook . She wanted to "demonstrate how easy it is to create simple dishes that help with nutritious eating and focus on ," she .

"I hope readers will benefit not only from a growing awareness of the importance of heart health, but also from the idea that healthy food is not just good for you, it can also be ," she added.

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jennie garth
Amanda Edwards
Jennie Garth

for the Beverly Hills, 90210 actress for most of her life. Her father was diagnosed with heart disease at age 50 and continued to battle it until his death in 2008. And then Garth learned that she had a leaky valve.

"A lot of people have it," Garth in 2009. "They don't know they have it… [It] leaks blood. It sort of flutters open and shut. It's weird because sometimes when I'm resting I can feel a little weird fluttering."

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alex trebek
Paul Morigi
Alex Trebek

The Jeopardy host has had two — one in 2007 and another in 2012. His most recent heart attack occurred while he was . He wrote it off as a muscle strain, but agreed to go to the hospital when his wife insisted, he . Fortunately, he made a full recovery.

"My body cleared the blockage itself," Trebek said. "My heart seems to heal, so that speaks well for my future."

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miley cyrus
Jon Kopaloff
Miley Cyrus

In the singer's 2009 autobiography, , she revealed that she has , a heart condition that causes her .

"The type of tachycardia I have isn't dangerous," she wrote. "It won't hurt me, but it does bother me. There is never a time onstage when I'm not ."

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rosie o donnell
Gabriel Olsen
Rosie O'Donnell

After actress Rosie O'Donnell suffered a heart attack in 2012, she wrote about her experience in the hopes that more women would "" about the leading cause of death for women. She wrote, "They call this type of heart attack the 'Widow Maker.' I am lucky to be here. I Googled 'women's heart attack symptoms,' I had many of them, but I thought, 'Nah.'"

"Know the symptoms, ladies," she continued. "Listen to the voice inside, the one we all so easily ignore. . Save yourself."

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larry king
Steve Zak Photography
Larry King

After the talk show host suffered a heart attack in 1987 and then had a quintuple bypass surgery at age 53, he called both events a ". King founded the to help fund heart treatments for patients "without the means or insurance."

During a PBS panel, "," he said, "When you go into a hospital and they tell you they're going to cut your chest open, you really think about all the dumb things you've done in your life and you have to change."

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barbra streisand
Gustavo Caballero
Barbra Streisand

On top of her impressive career as a singer, actress, and filmmaker, Barbra Streisand co-founded the to help raise awareness and funds to fight women's heart disease.

"Heart disease and stroke are the ," Streisand . "Women are 50 percent more likely to be given a wrong diagnosis after a heart attack and are at a greater risk of dying within a year of a heart attack than men. Women need to talk to one another about heart disease and make prevention a priority."

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barbara walters
Taylor Hill
Barbara Walters

The iconic television personality had an surgery in 2010. She revealed her experience in a 2011 television special, "A Matter of Life and Death," where she also interviewed other celebrity heart surgery survivors, such as Bill Clinton and .

"I want to take you on a journey: my own," Walters said in the . "And share with you how being wheeled into operating room number 22 at New York Presbyterian Hospital in May to replace my faulty heart valve saved my life."

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charlie rose
Jimi Celeste
Charlie Rose

In early February, it was announced on air that the CBS news anchor would take a to undergo heart surgery.

His co-anchors read his statement: "Almost 15 years ago with a new replacement valve. It has served me well enabling me to live the vigorous, full, complete life you are all so familiar with. To continue to live this amazing life so full of challenges and friends, I have chosen to replace the valve with a new one. The timing is my choice."

 on February 10 that his surgery was successful and he was recovering well.

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peyton list
Jon Kopaloff
Peyton List

Best known for her roles on the Disney Channel, the teen actress was born with a heart murmur, but because it never caused her problems, she never paid much attention to . That all changed when her aunt was diagnosed with .

"When her heart pumped, the flaps that cover the mitral valve in her left atrium didn't close properly," List . "She managed the condition for many years, with doctors warning that she was getting closer to needing surgery."

After her aunt's diagnosis, the 18-year-old actress found that research on heart disease had "opened her eyes" to understanding that it was a "woman's disease."

"I've always known that heart disease runs in my family, but the impact of that fact never really clicked. It was like saying we all liked to perform or ," she said.

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laila ali
Paul Archuleta
Laila Ali

The daughter of often discusses heart health on and has worked with the American Heart Association to promote awareness for nine years.

"This is a true passion of mine," Ali . "This is who I really am. I have cousins, an aunt and grandmother that have all battled heart disease. So, I'm here to encourage women to take control of their health."

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maureen mccormick
Mike Pont
Maureen McCormick

She's best remembered for playing Marcia Brady on 'The Brady Bunch,' but the is all grown up and educating us on the importance of heart health.

"Going red to me is all about the heart. It's about educating women, getting things out there that women can do to take better care of themselves," she . "It blows my mind that this is the number one killer of women, and if women just take steps and get things checked out, and eat better and , then those numbers can go down."

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jessie james decker
Jason Davis
Jessie James Decker

The walked in this year's Go Red For Women's Red Dress Collection at New York Fashion Week in honor of her grandmother, she .

"My grandmother and my great-grandmother actually died of ," Decker . "So for me, it's a very personal thing, and I just want to get the message out."

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katie holmes
Mike Pont
Katie Holmes

The actress hosted this year's NYFW Go Red For Women's Red Dress Collection.

"Cardiovascular disease kills more women every year than cancer," she . "It's important to build more awareness of ways in which we as women can prevent problems with our hearts and so that we don't get into the position of having the disease or needing surgery."

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juliette lewis
Brent N. Clarke
Juliette Lewis

The actress was a celebrity model at this year's Go Red For Women's Red Dress Collection, walking down the catwalk in a red gown .

"I go red because my dad had heart disease and I want to preserve my own health and encourage others to do the same." she .

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