10 Best Sleep Products, According to Bad Sleepers - 10 Must-Have Sleep Aids, According to Self Proclaimed Insomnias


10 Genius Products to Help You Get to Sleep

If you toss, turn, and then reach for your phone ... you need #4.

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10 Natural Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure

Sidestep hypertension with these healthy moves.

Take Control of Anxiety With These Expert Tricks

One idea: hug yourself (it works!).

Feel your very best with these tricks to minimize stress, improve your mood and memory, get the best sleep and more.
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tick paralysis
A 5-Year-Old Girl Woke up Paralyzed From a Tick Bite

"I was just thinking that her legs were asleep."

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3 Easy Ways You Can Make a Difference in the Fight Against Alzheimer’s​ Disease

Here's how three inspiring women are doing it!

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11 Surprising Symptoms of Stress

Is your body giving you signs of anxiety? Here's how to know if you're stressed—and what you can do about it.

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Everything You Need to Know About Vaccines for Teens

Vaccines aren’t just for infants and toddlers. Here, four to discuss with your family physician.

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5 Things Doctors Want You to Know About Alzheimer's Disease

When something seems off, it could point to cognitive problems.

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What Exactly Is a Widow-Maker Heart Attack, Anyway?

We'll never let go, Jack. We'll never let go.

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15 Surprising Signs of Cancer You Need to Know

Stay aware of your body and these unexpected symptoms.

What It's Really Like to Live With Seasonal Affective Disorder

I wanted to handle it myself, but SAD is more than just the "winter blues."