health tips after 40


The Habits To Focus On Now For Great Health At 40

You're gonna want to reschedule that annual you canceled last week.

burn body fat - expert advise
3 Best Ways to Burn Body Fat Fast
With a few changes to your routine, you can lose 1 to 2% of your bod…
I Had Open Heart Surgery at 49 Years Old

Now I wear the long scar on my chest like a badge of honor.

This Man’s “Bug Bite” Turned out to Be Leukemia

He was stunned—and taken to chemotherapy treatment immediately.

three women weight loss
How 3 Women Lost Weight in 8 Weeks

"I stayed patient, and those pounds did come off."

Feel your very best with these tricks to minimize stress, improve your mood and memory, get the best sleep and more.
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Dr. Oz Writes Heartbreaking Post That He Missed Signs of His Mother's Alzheimer's Diagnosis
Dr. Oz Says He Missed the Signs of His Mother's Alzheimer's Diagnosis

"The biggest lies are the ones we tell ourselves."

How to Overcome Laziness and Be Your Most Productive Self

The motivation you need is here.

Can Vitamins Help With Anxiety? Experts Weigh In

Supplements could be a helpful complement to traditional anxiety treatments.

Weight Watchers And A Jillian Michaels DVD Helped Me Lose 68 Lbs.
'WW And A Jillian Michaels Workout DVD Helped Me Fit Into My Pre-Pregnancy Clothes'

"I was never able to successfully maintain my weight loss — until now."

The Heaviest Woman to Finish a Marathon Proves That Anyone Can Run

"So many people I know doubted me, and here I am. I did it."

GVA 2019
The Best Health Products of 2019

See what snacks, clothing, and gear we consider the best of the best.

bed bug bites images - what does a bed bug bite look like
Exactly How to Identify Bed Bug Bites

Never. Sleeping. Again. 😱

total body workout chair gym
This Simple Folding Chair Is Actually a Working Home Gym, And You Can Buy It on Amazon

I can already feel myself getting fitter.

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can the flu shot make you sick
PSA: It’s Time to Stop Believing That a Flu Shot Gives You the Flu

There are side effects, but this isn’t one of them.

Bleeding After Menopause Should Never Be Ignored — Here's Why

"Any postmenopausal bleeding is abnormal."

causes of bruising easily
8 Odd Reasons You’re Bruising So Easily, According to Doctors

Your meds or a vitamin deficiency could be to blame.

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how to stop snoring
14 Snoring Remedies That Actually Work

Because your partner doesn't need to be woken up in the middle of the night... again.

how to get rid of age spots
How to Really, Truly Get Rid of Annoying Age Spots

Dermatologists say these remedies actually make a difference.

Jenni Ottum Cancer Story
I Thought My Nagging Cough Was Bronchitis—But My Body Was Fighting a Rare Cancer

My journey through chemo was painful, but I appreciate my body more than ever.