Dr. Oz's Healthy-Eating Secrets

Boost your health and lose weight without overhauling your diet with tips from Dr. Oz.

fill your plate, lose weight success story
I Lost Weight By Eating More Than I Ever Have

"I feel like I could eat this way for the rest of my life."

How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

Frozen fruits and veggies are your friends!

Trader Joe's Salmonella Outbreak
Trader Joe's Issues Cantaloupe Recall

Here's how to tell if your cantaloupe is safe.

snacks ideas tips joy bauer
Joy Bauer's Favorite Healthy Snacks
You'll love these delicious bites and all of the incredible ways the…
Discover healthy, delicious foods to try, which eats are better for special occasions only and nutrition rules to follow that will keep you looking and feeling great.
healthy grilled chicken salad
Joy Bauer's Top Tips for Making a Healthy Salad That Satisfies

Hunger pangs, be gone.

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The best breastfeeding diet includes foods such as vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins like those that are featured in this grilled chicken burrito bowl
The Breastfeeding Diet That Keeps You and Your Baby Healthy

You need a couple hundred more calories per day while breastfeeding.

'I Lost 230 Pounds on the Keto Diet By Eating 6 Times a Day'

"I feel stronger than ever."

What Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady Really Eat in a Day

The list of what they DON'T eat is a longer than what they do.

low calorie foods
30 Delicious Low Calorie Foods to Stock Up on ASAP

Every item is 100 calories or less.

What is the Dubrow Diet?
Everything You Need to Know About the Dubrow Diet

Step 1: "Shock" your body.

Best Ways to Burn Fat
15 of the Best Ways to Burn Fat

HIIT is going to be your new best friend.

what is vitamin e good for
What Is Vitamin E Good For? We Found Out

First off, it's a powerful antioxidant.

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what is vitamin a good for
What Is Vitamin A Good For? It Turns Out a Lot of Things

Your eyes, your skin, should we keep going?

what is vitamin c good for
All the Reasons You Need to Add Vitamin C to Your Diet

Your skin will thank you.

QVC Is Having a Major Sale on Nutrisystem Today

You'll get food for the whole month for less than $250!

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kimberly powell weight loss success story
'I Lost Nearly 150 Pounds By Following a Lazy Keto Diet'

Pork rinds are definitely on the menu.

high fiber snacks
19 High Fiber Snacks You Should Add to Your Diet

Give us all of the apples and peanut butter.

Keto Diet Foods
Everything You Can and Can't Eat on the Keto Diet

Stock up on these groceries to safely send your body into fat-burning mode.