Sibling Rivalry Helped These Sisters Lose a Combined 245 Pounds

'My goodness, you're getting smaller than me. That can't happen.'

Late one night in 2015, now-38-year-old Jessee Baldwin heard her daughter Katie crying from the other room. When she went to ask her daughter what was wrong, the 5-year-old responded, "Mommy, you're not healthy and I'm scared."

Although Baldwin had tried a number of different diet plans in the past, her daughter's fear was just the push she needed to start transforming her lifestyle and forming healthier habits — for good this time.

The determined California mom called up a health coach and began following a new meal plan. Before she knew it, she was starting to lose weight.

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Not long after Baldwin began her weight-loss journey, she took a trip to Houston to visit her sister, now-36-year-old Jacquee Broaddus. Although Baldwin had always been overweight growing up, Broaddus had been thin, able to eat whatever she wanted without gaining hardly any weight at all — that is, until she had six children, and her eating habits started catching up to her.

So, when Baldwin paid a visit looking smaller and slimmer, Broaddus immediately noticed her sister's progress. That's when her competitive side kicked into gear.

"My goodness, you're getting smaller than me," the younger sister told Baldwin, according to TODAY. "That can't happen." data-width=\"800\"">

And so the sisters' joint weight-loss effort began. Baldwin, who had just begun working as a health coach, helped Broaddus and her husband, Chuck, adjust their meals and adopt healthier habits, all while following the same plan herself. They both started drinking plenty of water and eating smaller, more frequent meals that were low in carbs, high in protein, and full of veggies.

And the strategy worked. Baldwin, who weighed 370 pounds at her heaviest, now clocks in at 205 pounds, while Broaddus, who weighed 228 pounds at the start of her weight-loss journey, now weighs 148.

The best part: Both sisters are healthier, happier, and proud of their progress.

"I guess it kind of took my sister to kick me in the rear," Broaddus told TODAY.

Here's to a little healthy competition! data-width=\"800\"">

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