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Home healthcare nurse examines elderly patient
7 Potential Signs of Lung Cancer

Among nonsmokers, women get lung cancer more frequently than men.

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sleeping tips
11 Sleeping Tips To Help You Wake Up in the Best Mood

Get a restful night's sleeps, and wake up with a smile on your face tomorrow.

vitamins for energy
Add These Energy-Boosting Vitamins to Your Life ASAP

You'll stop hitting snooze once and for all.

month by month check up guide
A Month-to-Month Check Up Guide For Busy People

These are the key appointments for keeping a clean bill of health year-round.

stds that don't show symptoms -Genital Herpes
7 STDs That Don’t Show Any Symptoms

Don't count on symptoms to let you know when something is wrong.

Health issues by age
The Most Common Health Concerns At Every Age

Your risks for certain issues increase as you age.

best sleep ever
21 Ways To Get Your Best Night's Sleep Ever

Just reading these ideas is soothing.

Women's Common Health Concerns
The 6 Most Common Health Concerns for Women

Taking care of yourself should always be your top priority.

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STD symptoms
15 Common STD Symptoms You Should Know

Some STD symptoms can be easy to miss.

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exercises for back pain
15 Easy Ways to Banish Back Pain Right Now

Try these simple tricks ease aches and keep them at bay — for good.

UTI symptoms
The Most Common UTI Symptoms in Women

Pelvic pain and a strong need to pee are just some of the warning signs.

5 Period Tracker Apps For Every Stage of Your Life

Be more prepared for that time of the month.

brain exercises
4 Brain Health Moves to Keep Your Mind Sharp with Age

These brain exercises help keep your mind healthy and alert.

Detroit Cityscapes and City Views
You Can Score Lululemon Gear For Up To 50% Off Right Now

You can score some of their best gear for 50% off!

Woman blocking ears with fingers
brain power
I Participated in a Clinical Study to See if I Had Dementia

After watching five relatives decline, Paula Spencer Scott decided to take control of her health and find answers.

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