Panera's Getting Sued Over A Grilled Cheese Sandwich

One of the ingredients was seriously dangerous.


When we heard about the restaurateur  after his customer died from an allergic reaction, we figured restaurants everywhere would crack down on their food safety policies. Unfortunately food allergy issues continue to pop up, and this time a child's life was at stake.

A fresh  has emerged in Massachusetts following an incident at Panera.  reports that back in January, a New England family placed an online order for a meal from the chain's location in Natick. They ordered a grilled cheese sandwich for their six-year-old daughter, noting that it was for a child with a peanut allergy. The parents claim that after taking a bite, the young girl suffered a reaction that sent her to the hospital, and they discovered a dollop of peanut butter inside the sandwich.

Luckily an epi pen saved the girl's life, but the family is suing Panera and a group of franchises for negligence. Her father called the Panera location the evening of the reaction and was told that the mistake occurred due to a "language" issue. We're all for trying strange food combinations, but a request for peanut butter on a grilled cheese sandwich would definitely make us do a double-take. 

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