30 Easter Cupcakes for the Sweetest Holiday Ever

The kids will just adore these spring animal cupcakes.

easter cupcakes
CON POULOS, Your Cup of Cake

No Easter celebration is complete without a round of egg- and bunny-shaped desserts! These decadent (and adorable) Easter cupcakes are the perfect thing to serve after a big holiday dinner. Looking to take your dessert spread to the next level? Try our irresistible Easter cakes and holiday treats.

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4th of july cakes and cupcakes  - hummingbird cupcakes
Hummingbird Cupcakes

With pineapples and bananas, these tropical cupcakes are the perfect spring dessert.

Get the recipe.

What you'll need: Cupcake Pan ($12 for 2 pans, .com)

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Easter cupcakes - Rose Petal Cupcakes
charles schiller
Rose Petal Cupcakes

Top these French vanilla cupcakes with pink petals for a beautiful touch of spring.

Get the recipe.

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Succulent Cupcakes - easter cupcakes
Succulent Cupcakes

Serve these plant-like sweets in mini terra cotta pots to turn them into a cute Easter gift idea.

Get the recipe at Delish.

What you'll need: Mini terra cotta pots ($16 for six pots, .com)

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Easter trivia - spring animal cupcakes
Mike Garten
Spring Animal Cupcakes

These chocolaty cupcakes are almost too cute to eat. The best part? There's a surprise Oreo cookie at the bottom!

Get the recipe.

What you'll need: Oreos ($4, .com)

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easter cupcakes - Morphos Butterflies Cupcakes
Morphos Butterflies Cupcakes

Just like spring, butterflies are symbols of new life, making these sweet cupcakes the perfect dessert for the season.

Get the recipe.

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Desert Bloom Cupcakes - 4th of july cakes and cupcakes
Desert Bloom Cupcakes

Build an edible garden on top of delicious cupcakes with this recipe, featuring marvelously rich buttercream icing.

Get the recipe.

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easter cupcakes - Lemon-Honey Cupcakes
Lemon-Honey Cupcakes

With lemon zest, lemon juice, and honey in the batter and icing, these fresh spring cupcakes are not to be missed.

Get the recipe.

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butterfly cupcakes - Easter cupcakes
Romulo Yanes
Lemon Butterfly Cupcakes

These butterfly wings are made entirely from chocolate, and they're surprisingly simple to create.

Get the recipe.

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carrot cupcakes - father's day cakes
Alexandra Rowley
Carrot Cupcakes

Inspired by bunnies' favorite snack, these cupcakes are the perfect ending to Easter dinner.

Get the recipe.

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coconut easter cupcakes - Easter cupcakes
Courtesy of Brown Eyed Baker
Coconut Easter Cupcakes

Get your coconut fix this spring with these rich and decadent cupcakes.

Get the recipe at Brown Eyed Baker.

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easy bunny ear cupcakes - Easter cupcakes
Courtesy of Your Cup of Cake
Easy Bunny Ear Cupcakes

You won't believe how easy it is to make these adorable bunny ears from marshmallows and sprinkles.

Get the recipe at Your Cup of Cake.

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butterfinger chocolate bunny - easter cupcakes
Courtesy of Tatertots and Jello
Butterfinger Chocolate Bunny Cupcakes

These holiday treats feature a chocolate bunny on top and a surprise Easter candy treat inside!

Get the recipe at Tatertots and Jello.

What you'll need: Chocolate bunnies ($10, .com)

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bunny butt cupcakes - Easter cupcakes
Courtesy of Preppy Kitchen
Bunny Butt Cupcakes

These treats will have everyone at your Easter gathering in giggles.

Get the recipe at Preppy Kitchen.

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reese's cup easter bunny cupcakes - Easter cupcakes
Courtesy of Hungry Happenings
Reese's Cup Easter Bunny Cupcakes

These peanut-butter and chocolate-packed cuties are exactly what your holiday dessert spread needs.

Get the recipe at Hungry Happenings.

What you'll need: Reese;s peanut butter cups ($9, .com)

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carrot patch cupcakes - Easter cupcakes
Courtesy of Life Made Simple
Carrot Patch Cupcakes

Strawberries covered in dyed white chocolate are the perfect finishing touch for these springtime delights.

Get the recipe at Life Made Simple.

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Easter cupcakes - White Chocolate Easter Egg Cupcakes
Garnish and Glaze
White Chocolate Easter Egg Cupcakes

We're taking a cue from this blogger and serving these Easter goodies in an egg crate.

Get the recipe at Garnish and Glaze.

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easy whopper egg cupcakes - Easter cupcakes
Courtesy of Your Cup of Cake
Easy Whopper Egg Cupcakes

The candy-packed frosting on these cakes is out-of-this-world good!

Get the recipe at Your Cup of Cake.

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Easter Cupcakes - Easter Peep Cupcakes
Easter Peep Cupcakes

Use a variety of colorful Peep chicks to create a collection of cupcakes that will charm your friends and family.

Get the recipe at Freutcake.

What you'll need: Peeps ($20 for 5 packs, .com)

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Easter cupcakes - Pull-Apart Easter Bunny Cupcake Cake
Crafty Morning
Pull-Apart Easter Bunny Cupcake Cake

Your guests will be so impressed by this creative (and adorable!) cupcake arrangement.

Get the recipe at Crafty Morning.

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Easter Chocolate Nest Mini Egg Cupcakes - easter cupcakes
Taming Twins
Easter Chocolate Nest Mini Egg Cupcakes

Give your favorite candy eggs a special home on top of one of these tasty cupcakes.

Get the recipe at Taming Twins.

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Easter Basket Cupcakes - easter cupcakes
Baking a Moment
Easter Basket Cupcakes

These little works of art are almost too impressive to eat!

Get the recipe at Baking a Moment.

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cadbury creme egg cupcakes - easter cupcakes
Courtesy of Taming Twins
Cadbury Creme Egg Cupcakes

This neat cupcake features two sweets in one — a chocolate cupcake with a Cadbury creme egg baked right into the middle.

Get the recipe at Taming Twins.

What you'll need: Cadbury creme egg ($7 for 5 packs, .com)

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Buttercream Daisy Cupcakes - Easter Cupcakes
I Am Baker
Buttercream Daisy Cupcakes

Learn exactly how to create these springtime beauties with this clever step-by-step guide.

Get the recipe at I Am Baker.

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Sheep Cupcakes - easter cupcakes
Wine and Glue
Sheep Cupcakes

Your kids will love helping you decorate these cupcakes to resemble little sheep with marshmallows and candy.

Get the recipe at Wine and Glue.

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Lemon Chick Cupcakes - easter cupcakes
Courtesy of The Simple Sweet Life
Lemon Chick Cupcakes

Creating these chicks is all about the frosting, but don't worry — this blogger breaks it down so that anyone can do this at home.

Get the recipe at The Simple Sweet Life.

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Miniature Easter Basket Cupcakes - Easter Cupcakes
Courtesy of Bakerella
Miniature Easter Basket Cupcakes

Customize this treat to feature your family's favorite Easter candy as toppings and there's no way they'll be able to resist.

Get the recipe at Bakerella.

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Chocolate Marshmallow Cupcakes - Easter Cupcakes
Courtesy of Love From the Oven
Chocolate Marshmallow Cupcakes

The only thing better than a Peep at Easter is a chocolate-covered Peep at Easter — yum!

Get the recipe at Love From the Oven.

What you'll need: Peeps ($20 for 5 packs, .com)

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Flowerpot Cupcakes - Easter Cupcakes
Courtesy of This Silly Girl's Kitchen
Flowerpot Cupcakes

Pretty, pink roses look gorgeous on top of these cupcakes, or you can choose to add your favorite flower instead.

Get the recipe at This Silly Girl's Kitchen.

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Jamie Cooks It Up
Assorted Easter Cupcakes

There's no need to master a fancy frosting technique with these cupcakes — all three of these festive treats are made with sprinkles, jelly beans, and coconut flakes.

Get the recipe at Jamie Cooks It Up.

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easter cupcakes - easter cupcake recipes
Landcruisers Staff
Save These Ideas

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