I Took Photos of the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino So You Don't Have To

Keep your $6 and post one of my photos on your Instagram feed instead.

Annemarie Conte

Starbucks just came out with its Unicorn Frappuccino, and the results have been...mixed. It's officially the drink everyone loves to Instagram and no one wants to actually drink. (The flavor is supposed to be a sweet mango with a sour sprinkle that changes taste as you sip it.) Though Cosmo's editors were kind, others out there have compared it to "sour birthday cake and shame." Instead of actually drinking it, don't you think you should take one of my photos and post it to jump on the #unicorn Instagram trend? (Just don't forget to tag @annemarieconte!)

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My Instagram Journey

FOR SALE @ posts of a @starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino. I bought one and took all the photos so you don't have to. Swipe to see them, $1 apiece. (And yes, the Starbucks Siren is drinking one in my first shot! She loves it and isn't complaining about the flavor or amount of sugar.) #starbucks #unicorn #unicornfrappuccino #🦄 #rainbow #hearstelevatorselfie #unicorndrink #basicbitch #😋 #doitfortheinsta

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I told my friends I'd charge them $1 for each photo they wanted to use, but you can have 'em for free. 

Unicorn Sighting!
Annemarie Conte

It's like looking in a mirror. 

Look! The Starbucks Siren is Drinking It!
Annemarie Conte

Mmmm. She loves it. To her, it tastes like Internet fame and $$$.

The Casual Street Crossing
Annemarie Conte

Hello, followers. Here in the big city, the fraps lead the way. 

The Tulip Bed
Annemarie Conte


More Flowers!
Annemarie Conte

Spring has sprung, and along with it, mesmerizing blended beverages. 

Nowhere to Go But Up!
Annemarie Conte


The Selfie
Annemarie Conte

Feel free to Photoshop in your own head!

Water Feature
Annemarie Conte


Brick Wall
Annemarie Conte


Casual Hangout
Annemarie Conte


Drink With a View
Annemarie Conte


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